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The Evolution of the $100 Bill


The $100 bill has changed over the years in more ways than one. From a long list of design changes over the last 150 years to the security measures integrated towards combating counterfeit money.

The $100 Bill Through the Years

The $100 bill has been around for over 150 years. Through the years it has taken on numerous different changes to the front and back of it. In the last couple of years they have been trying to change the currency so that it can’t be counterfeited. As you look at the $100 bill from 1862 to the $100 bill of today you will see a totally different appearance to it.

The first $100 bill was made in 1862. This bill you will find a bald eagle on the front in one corner. It also has a green, red, and gray seals on it. Beside the bald eagle you will find the wording “Washington” and the date “March 10th”. There are two signatures towards the bottom. In the green and gray seals they all say “100”. On the back you will find that this is different from the ones we have today.

The $100 Bill

The $100 bills that were made in 1878 and 1880 resembled each other with the exception of the coloring on the bills. They both had the same pictures and designs on the front and back. In 1890 the changed the bill again. They had a picture of U.S. Navy, David Glasgow Farragut who was the first admiral. This particular bill had a brown seal. The red serial number is found above the picture and under the words “One Hundred Dollars”. In 1914 is when Benjamin Franklin started appearing on the $100 bill.

In 1922 Thomas Hart Benton appeared on the $100 gold certificate. This is totally different from any of the other $100 bills that you will see. In 1928 Benjamin Franklin reappeared on the $100 bill and he has remained on the bill. In 1928 and 1934 you will notice that the back of the bill appear the same but the 1934 bill has different coloring to the back. The new $100 bill today, you will find has a larger picture of Benjamin Franklin, it has a 3D security ribbon on it. The ink well is part of a security feature.

The $100 bills today are a lot different from when it first appeared. You will find that the government is working hard to make sure that the money is not counterfeited.

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