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46 Clever Fishing Boat Names

Fishing on a boat is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age or skill level. In fact, majority of people that fish enjoy it more than football and basketball combined. There are twice as many boating ramps in the United States than golf courses. Paying for fishing licenses also help to contribute to the other hundreds of millions that go towards aquatic conservation efforts each year. Fishing can be enjoyed all year round and offers minimal limitations. A list of fishing boat names is outlined below from other existing boats that share their enjoyment for the sea.

A Fish too Far
All Aboard
All for Knot
Another Toy
At Last
Aye Sea U
Bait Master
Bay Spirit
Bigger Game
Breaking Waves
Byte Me
Cloud 9
Cool Breeze
Current Affair
Endless Summer
Fin Addict
Fins Up
Fishful Thinking
Get the New
Golden Rod
H20 Office
Happy Hooker
Island Lure
Jumping Tuna
Little Hooker
Oceans Serpent
Off the Hook
Old as Dirty
Pole Setter
Real Time
Reel Busy
Still Jerkin
The Fall of the Sea
Trout Time
Tuna Helper
V8 Bait
Whopper Stopper
Worm Dangler

An average of 83 million Americans go boating each year with 46.2 million Americans fishing. Considered to be one of the most popular recreational sports to get active in, fishers receive an edible trophy as their prize for a catch. Majority of fishers also agree that boating is relaxing and spacious for going places not easily accessible by foot. Fishing has also been associated with stress relief and long term health. The infographic below outlines additional comparison to other sports and fishing.

Fishing Sport Facts

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