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34 Great Health Company Names

As the Affordable Care Act moves forward in 2014, new opportunities are presented that contribute the reshaping the $2.8 trillion dollar health sector. Consumers are empowered and rapid innovation shifting this industry’s landscape. More companies are looking to cloud computing tools and increased transparency for price. Private exchanges and digital savvy patients are becoming more accountable for their overall health. A collection of health company names from around the United States is provided below to help inspire your own contribution to a growing wellness industry.

AAI Corporation
Alliance of Community Health
Body Co. Spa
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Cardinal Health
Consulate Health Care Inc.
Cope Inc.
For Eyes Optical
Forest Laboratories Inc.
Global Health Strategies
Good Earth Natural Foods Company
Herbally Grounded
Lenox Medical Supply
Maxim Healthcare Services
Mindful Health
Next Source Inc.
One Charles Center
Passport Health Inc.
Power Health Chiropracter
Premier Health
Pro Active Health Therapeutic Services
Rio Sport & Health Club
Rotech Healthcare Inc.
Secure Medical Care
SelectCare Home Health Care
Sierra Regional Spine Institute
Stay Healthy!
Target Health Inc.
The Common Market
The Pain Clinic, Inc.
Unimax Supply Co Inc.
WellHealth Women’s Specialty Care
Willow Springs Center

The below infographic outlines the 2014 trends of health consumers engaging with online conversations regarding their health need. With over 4 billion individuals currently have access to mobile phones, consumers can become more informed regarding their conditions and care. An estimated 23% of social media users follow the health experiences of their friends and family online. An average of 80% of internet users seek out health related information.

2014 Trends of Health Engagement Online

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