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The Emotional Effect of Colors in a Logo


There are thousands of different logos that we are associated with throughout the world. Whether it’s the gold from the arches of McDonald’s logo or the red from CNN’s logo, there are reasons as to why designers choose specific colors for their images. The logo of a company is incredibly important as it not only conveys what the company is offering but it also establishes their brand image. With that being said, logo designers not only have to choose effective imagery, but they also have to choose effective coloring. Below are some of the most popular colors used in company logos and the messages that they each convey.

1. Red

When a company decides to go with red for their logo coloring, it generally establishes the sense of blood and fire. This is why some of the most powerful companies in the world (such as YouTube and Red Bull) use red for their logos. In terms of the emotions that it brings to the audience, it will make you feel active, passionate, emotional, intense, aggressive, in love, or even trusting.

2. Blue

You may have noticed that some of the most established companies in the world use blue as the coloring for their logos. The reason for this is because blue emits the stability of both the sea and the sky. Companies who have blue logos are aiming to make customers feel comfort, faithful, conservative, clear, confident, calm, trusting, and understanding.

3. Yellow

Much like the Ferrari emblem and the golden arches from McDonald’s, yellow is responsible for providing the happiness, energy, and sheer joy associated with sunshine. This helps to make you feel fresh, energetic, alive, and immensely joyous.

4. Green

Green has always been associated with the Earth and nature, which is why some of the trendiest companies try to use this color to exhibit their hopefulness, peacefulness, and show customers that they are down to Earth. Take Starbucks for example, their green logo helps to make customers feel relaxed and calm.

5. Purple

Purple is known as a royal shade which is why it is representative of romance, nostalgia, glamour, and power.

6. Orange

Some of the most popular companies with orange logos are sodas or fruit harvesters such as Crush and Fanta. This is perfectly fitting due to the fact that orange is generally associated with the happiness found in tropical sunshine.

7. Black

Imagine a black tie event and that is the perfect example of what logos made completely out of black are trying to exhibit. With the mystery and formality of black (such as the BlackBerry logo), black is an incredibly professional and luxurious color.

8. Pink

Much like you would think, pink is associated with femininity, warmth, love, and even sweetness.

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