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37 Thank You Notes For A Birthday Party

Having a birthday party is always a great way to draw people together to singularly celebrate the special occasion of a birthday passing. To give thanks to those that helped participate and contribute to the items needed, the following thank you notes for a birthday party provide great examples. These can also apply to just sending a thank you note for those that attended and brought gifts for you.

According to an urban legend among us friends, every party you attend becomes crazy and full of fun. Thanks for coming and living up to your legendary status.

Ahhhh, birthday money – the perfect gift. How did you know I would simply love it. With this money in hand and a trip to the mall, I’ll spend a day in shoppers’ paradise. Thank you so much for your generosity.
Beautiful gifts, beautiful people, beautiful moments, beautiful toasts and a beautiful day – Thanks for coming to my party and making my birthday beautiful.

Because you came to my birthday party, it remained less of a party and became more of a festivity. Thanks for coming.

By gracing my birthday party with your presence, you have graced my heart with joy and my day with good wishes. Thanks for taking time out and coming to my birthday party.

Cakes, confetti, foam, candles and party favors have no meaning if you can’t share them with your loved ones on your birthday. Thanks for coming and making my big day so memorable.

Friends make birthday parties worth attending. But your presence made my birthday party worth remembering. Thanks you so much for coming to my party.

Fun friends like you are the only thing that stops me from feeling old on my birthday. Thanks for making my birthday celebrations youthful.

I am another year older, wiser, and more grateful. Thank you for a wonderful birthday.

I am hungover, tired and grumpy today morning. But I was happy, delighted and carefree last night during my birthday party – I owe it all to you. Thanks for coming and living it up.

I have put pictures of my birthday party all over Facebook and tagged you in all of them with the caption – Meet the star of my birthday party. Thanks for coming to my party and making it so much fun.

I love birthdays parties, cake and friends. I’m so glad you were there to help me celebrate. I really love the Tonka truck you gave me. Thank you so much.

I received lots of blessings on my birthday. But the biggest blessing came in the form of your presence in my birthday party. Thanks for coming.

I want to express my appreciation, for coming to my party and for my darling gift.

I wanted my party favor for everyone to be really charming. But compared to the charm you added to my birthday party with your presence yesterday, my party favor stands nowhere. Thanks for coming, mate.

I was pretty sure that you would come to my birthday party even if the city was washed away with floods, destroyed by an earthquake or conquered by aliens. After all, where else would you get free drinks and free food? Thanks for coming buddy.

I would have been sitting in a corner sulking and sobbing if you hadn’t come to my birthday party. Thanks for coming and saving the day.

If I could go back in time and have the same birthday party again, I would have hired a different DJ, ordered food from another caterer and got someone else to do the decoration. But the one thing I would never change is the guest list. Thank you all for coming to my birthday party and making it magical.

If I had a time machine, I would go into the future and make sure that you are available for all my birthday parties because your presence makes my day so much fun. Thanks for coming.

Just like a cake is incomplete without a candle, a gift is incomplete without wrapping paper and I am incomplete without my best friend which is you – my birthday party would have been incomplete without you. Thanks for coming to my party and making it complete.

My birthday bash would have been incomplete without the birthday cash you gave me as a present. Jokes aside, thanks a ton for coming.

My birthday party was cool, awesome and sexy only because it was attended by cool, awesome and sexy people like you. Thanks for coming to my party.

My birthday party would have been like a black and white photograph without you. But with your presence, it became a color photo finished with a textured shiny effect. Thanks a lot for coming to my party, buddy.

My birthday party would have been like a quiet theater play without the presence of friends like you, who made it seem like a rock and roll concert. Thanks for the crazy celebrations.

Thank you for coming to my birthday party. Without your presence, my birthday would have been just another day in the calendar.

Thank You for coming to my party and helping me celebrate, it was extra special because of you.

Thank You For making my Birthday such a hit with your love, presence, and thoughtful gift.

Thank you so much for the birthday gift card. It’s always a treat to receive this type of gift. This weekend when I’m out shopping, I’ll use it to purchase something special for myself – something that I normally would not splurge on.

The DJ’s tunes wouldn’t have been so groovy, the decorations wouldn’t have looked so beautiful and the food wouldn’t have tasted so delicious if you weren’t there in my birthday party. Thanks for your wishes, gifts and for coming.

The fact that you attended my birthday party even though you had to cancel so many prior appointments says a lot about you. It means that you were desperate to eat cake and have free drinks. Thanks for coming mate.

The good thing about my party was that it had awesome music, yummy food and lovely drinks. But the best thing about my party is that I had you to share it all with. Thanks for being a part of my birthday celebration.

The pictures of my birthday party have come out beautiful not because we hired a good photographer, but because you were a part of the celebrations. Thanks for coming to my party.

The presence of a superstar like you, made my birthday party nothing short of a Page 3 do. Thanks for coming to my birthday party buddy.

You came to my party, sang, dance, enjoyed and made merry. I know that was your way of getting sadistic pleasure by watching me grow old. Jokes aside, thanks for coming bud.

You could have texted me if you wanted to. You could have made an excuse if you wanted to. You could have called in sick if you wanted to. You could have sent me a gift to make up for your absence if you wanted to. But I am glad that you chose to do none of this and attended my birthday party by shifting your appointments to another day. Thanks.

Your presence in my birthday party was like finishing off a delicious meal with a sinful desert – beautiful and memorable. Thanks for coming.

Your presence in my party was like ice cream and your birthday gift was like the cherry on top. Thanks for making my birthday party so sweet.

The infographic below provides a guide to the formal and informal planning process of a birthday party. Depending upon the size of your event and what the occasion is, many different items or planning may be required or added on to the process. This will help you to ensure you are considering all of the primary aspects of the event.

Guide to Party Planning

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