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The Best Fabric and Color for Your First Suit

Color for Your First Suit

Suit Yourself With Your First Big Boy Suit

Finally, you landed a job interview and you are all set, you are armed with your CV, intelligent points and a healthy dose of confidence. If the saying that clothing makes a man, in a quest such as this, the importance of clothes cannot be underestimated. It is important to select the right suit for the occasion. This article seeks to help in achieving this.

Irrespective of one’s precedent, be it college or four seasons of Mad Men, chances are that one must have experienced a fair share of suits with varying designs. With so much design in circulation, this article aims to provide some advice based on trends and style as only the best stands out in this race. Here are some areas to be considered.

The Fabric Of Your Work Life

Always go for 110s-130s with respect to the finesse of the fibers used in weaving the cloth. The lower the number is, the more durable the material, the higher the number, the more delicate the cloth.

The Cut

Make sure the cuts are examined by an experienced tailor. The jacket should fit comfortably, hugging the shoulders without any form of pulling at the back.


According to Dan’s Specs, double vents is preferred over single because the jacket can be made slimmer and you do not have to sit on the tail of your jacket.

Solid Navy Blue Color

This is recommended for your first suit because it is appropriate for business. It also features lots of possibilities such as being matched with any tie combination, skin tone and can be worn for an extended period of time without co-workers taking note of it.

For longer jackets, they make you look slimmer while shorter jackets make you look taller. All the same, your ass must never be covered by the jacket. For the sleeve, the length should be tailored to reveal approximately ½” of the shirt’s cuff.

According to Dan’s recommendation, it suggest that your first suit be hemmed at a slant with the front slightly shorter than the back so the back touches the shoe about half way down the back of the shoe, excluding the heels. This makes you look taller and younger. For stocks, make it one shade darker than the trousers.


Black should be reserved for the next semi-formal occasion or funeral. It is too dark and formal for official occasion. The preferred colors are medium or light grey, navy blue with a subtle neutral pinstripe. A black or brown shoe should be worn with a navy or grey suit.

For those who are new to mixing patterns, it is recommended that they start with the “2 out of 3 rule”. This means among the suit, shirt or tie, two out of them should have a contrasting pattern (strip, check, and dot/repeat), one should be solid. With respect to scale and boldness, the two patterns should have an obvious contrast.

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