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The 4 Creativity Models and Their Exercises


Models of Creative Process

Being creative is a complex process, it involves imagination, expertise, and motivation. Some say you learn to be creative, others feel it is a skill that one is born with. Nevertheless, this article seeks to examine the various processes of creativity. Over the past 8 decades, these models have been suggested and it is still being applied in various fields around the globe today.

Wallas Model of Creativity Process

Preparation: There needs to be a list of what you want to study and observe.

Incubation: You need to lock yourself up in a secluded area to think and brood over what you want to achieve.

Verification: Examine your idea and see if it is workable.

Illumination: This is that moment when you have that note of victory.

Barron’s Psychic Creation Model

Conception: Get intimate with your imagination and conceive an idea.

Gestation: Maintain the picture of that idea for a reasonable length of time.

Parturition: Irrespective of the challenge or how it hurts. Push the idea out.

Bringing up: With all love, care, and attention, develop the idea to maturity.

Koberg & Begnall’s Model of Creative Process

Accept: Do not be afraid to take up a challenge.

Analyze: Be meticulous, unlock the mysteries and fact behind any development.

Define: Outline the matters at hand, issues, goals do’s and don’ts.

Ideate: Analyze several ways to go about doing the same thing.

Select: Among the lots, select the best.

Implement: Get to work on the idea.

Evaluate: Review and appraise yourself, if you fail, plan again.

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