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List of Fortune 500 Female CEO Salaries


Female Leaders of Today’s Fortune 500 Companies

As compared to other years, there are more women in positions of being a CEO. This indicates that the imaginary glass ceiling hitherto preventing ladies from occupying this office is generally being broken.

Female Executive on the Rise

In 2011, the total of 98 female CEOs headed 3,049 companies that were public traded on the stock exchange. This number has been a gradual rise over the year. Research has shown that what women lacked for in numbers they make up for in performance. About 28% of female CEO outperformed the entire market in overall performance and 15% topped their respective industries by 15%.

Women CEO’s In the Top Spots

1. Meg Whitman – CEO of HP, she went to Harvard Business School and has an approval rating of 80% according to Glassdoor. Having served the position for 9 months, her salary is $16.5 million.

2. Ginni Rometty – CEO of IBM, she attended North Western University and has a rating of 75%. Having worked for 8 months, her salary is $8.3 million.

3. Patricia Woertz – CEO of Archer Daniels Hidland, attending Penn State University. With an approval rating of 70%, she has been on board for 6 years with a $11.1 million salary.

4. Indra Nooyi – CEO of Pepsi and attended Wale School of Management, she has a 69% approval and served for 5.5 years with a salary of $17.1 million.

5. Angela Bradley – CEO of Wellpoint, she attended Southern Methodist University School of Law with a 53% approval rating. Serving 5 years with an annual salary of $13.2 million.

6. Irene Rosenfeld – CEO of Kraft Foods, she attended Cornell University and has a 74% approval rating. Having done 6 years with an annual salary of $21.9 million.

7. Ellen Killman – CEO of Dupont, she attended Northwestern University and has an approval rating of 81%. She has spent 3.5 years in her position with an annual salary of $15.9 million.

8. Carol Meyrowitz – CEO of TKX Companies and attended Rider University, her Glassdoor rating is 68%. She has been in her position for 5.5 years with an annual salary of $11.1 million.

9. Ursula Burns – CEO of Xerox and attended Columbia University. She has a 22% approval rating and spent 3 years on board with a salary of $12.9 million.

10. Sherilyn McCoy – CEO of Avon, she attended Princton and Rutegers college. Present for only two months, she does not have a rating or known salary yet.

11. Deanna Milligan – CEO of Guardian Life, she attended Stanford and has a perfect rating. Having been there for a year, she does not have a known salary yet.

12. Debra Reed – CEO of Sempra Energy, she attended University of Southern California and has a 100% Glassdoor rating. Spending a year in her position, her yearly salary is $8.2 million.

13. Denise Morrison – CEO of Campbells and attended Boston College. She has an approval rating of 70% and spent 11 months in her position with a $3.7 million yearly salary.

14. Ilene Gordon – CEO of CornProduct International, attending MIT with a 80% current review rating. She has been in the position for 3 years with an annual salary of $6.9 million.

15. Heather Bresch – CEO of Mylan Inc from West Virginia University with a perfect rating, 8 months in the position, and a salary of $9.6 million a year.

16. Maggie Winderrotter – CEO of Frontier Communications, she attended Holy Cross College and has a 25% review rating with 8 years in her position and an annual salary of $6.4 million.

17. Gracia Martore – CEO of Gannett, she attended Wellesley and currently has a 33% rating. She has been in her position for 9 months and takes home $4.7 million a year.

18. Beth Mooney – CEO of Keycorp with her education from Southern Methodist University and a 79% review rating. Within a year of being there she sees a $5 million dollar salary.

More on Fortune 500 Female CEOs

On the average, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company is 55 years old. Glassdoor has an average approval rating of 69% for female CEOs, positive reviews and 62% of all CEOs. For college education, it varies. 39% have a Bachelors Degree, 50% have Masters, and 11% have Doctorates. 28% are female CEOs with Ivy League education and 11% of all CEOs have the education too. On average, the length of a CEO tenure is 2.9 years for female and 4.6 years for overall all CEOs.

Does the Glass Ceiling Still Exist

Although women make up about 3.6% of all CEOs in Fortune 500 companies, the gap in remuneration seems to be reducing. On the average, compensation among current female CEOs is approximately $10.8 million which is not too different from Fortune 500 average of $12 million. Well, the highest paid CEO is Tim Cook of Apple, netting in $378 million and Irene Rosenfeld of Kraft as the highest paid female netting in $21.9 million.

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