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The 4 Blood Type Personalities


Japanese blood testing has been around since 1916. This was discovered by Doctor Kimata Hara whom defined how blood affects character.This scientifically unproven article picked up popularity in Japan and led to theories on the relationship between blood and personality types. The beliefs eventually faded away, but they regained popularity thanks to the writings of a journalist in 1970.

Common Blood Typing Beliefs

A lot of the facts listed in this section point to the prominence of such beliefs in Japan. Although many of the facts listed are interesting, the most surprising is that the Japanese women’s softball team has specialized training regiments based on their blood type. This is a team that went to the Olympics and won gold, after all. Another interesting aspect of this section is the focus on blood type related products in Japan. The section is surprisingly open with some of the more exotic products.

Different Types of Blood

The four types are Type A, the farmer, Type B, the Hunter, Type AB, the Humanist, and Type O, the Warrior. Type As are conservative Introverts. Type Bs are artistic free spirits. Type AB are the cool and collected type. Type O are confident and sociable.

Each of the four categories is individually split into six sections, via two columns of three rows. Section one of column one is dedicated to the positive traits of the associated blood type and is labeled “best traits.” The second section is the opposite and, as you might imagine, is labeled “worst traits.” After these two comes a short section on famous names of each blood type, many of which should be recognizable to a layman.

The first section of the second column is dedicated to the percentages of each blood type in the US. Most Americans are Type A or Type O. Together, those two types make up 85% of the population, meaning that type AB and B make up only one in ten people and two in ten respectively. The section below that is the same thing but for Japan instead. The final section is dedicated to dating compatibility.

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