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16 Clever RSVP Card Wording Examples

Etiquette for weddings have changed over the decades thanks to the introduction of mobile technology. Over 30% of individuals learn about a wedding they were not invited to through a social network. An average 4 in 10 twitter users that attended weddings said that a special hashtag was provided so they can discuss the wedding on Twitter. Half of attendees checked into their wedding through a social channel. Even though users interact differently during a wedding celebration, traditional and modern style RSVP cards can still be sent to formally request the presence of your guests. A collection of clever RSVP card wording examples are listing below.

A response is requested by [date].
Bride and Groom are getting married. RSVP by [date].
Kindly reply by [date].
Must be seen to be believed. Please respond by [date].
Please reply by [date].
Please respond by [date].
Please RSVP by [date].
The favor of a reply is requested by [date].
The favor of your reply is requested by [date].
We have reserved seats for you. Please RSVP by [date].
We have reserved two seats in your honor.
We hope you can join us. Please reply by [date].
We hope you can make it. Please respond by [date].
We look forward to celebrating with you.
We look forward to celebrating with you. Please reply by [date].
We’d love to celebrate with you. Please reply by [date].

A traditional RSVP are sent back 63% of the time. A digital RSVP is given 80% of the time to a wedding invitation. An average 41% emailed and 43% posted on Facebook. However, while digital trends are increasing, 65% of guests believe that pictures should not be posted of the joyous event without the permission of the bride and groom. The below infographic outlines the trends and etiquette of digital weddings.

Digital Wedding Etiquette

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