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33 Funny Fantasy Golf Team Names

The PGA tour serves as the equalizer for measuring talent based on the trends that occur. Looking at the money they have been able to win, you can see trends as to their future success. Some players that have made drastic improvements is Zach Johnson who went from 44th place in 2011 to 6th in 2012. Robert Garrigus saw improvements from 56th place to 20th. More drastically was Ben Curtis who went from 129th place to 30th. The following collection of fantasy golf team names can help you to decide on making your own memorable team name.

Ace Venturers
Against the Grain
Better Than Being at Work
Birds of Away
Bogey Boys
Club Groove
Club Hoppers
Fairway Miners!
Fairways and Highways
Fringe Players
Gear Under Par
Going Pro
Golf Cowboys
Hole in Ten
Just a Hack
Pin High
Slice and Dice
Smokin’ Aces
Strokes of Luck
The Bigger Putters
The Caddies
The Drunken Wankers
The Fringe Crew
The Long Balls
The Men-in-Tee
The Mulligans
The Restless Doglegs
The Sand Baggers
The Sultans of Swing
The Woodsmen
Wonder Whackers

The infographic below outlines the history of the US Open Golf Tournament. Created in 1895, the US Open Championship was conducted by the United States Golf Association. The first prize was $335 dollars and a gold medal. Willie Anderson is known for winning the most Open Championship Cups. However, Tiger Woods is known for being the most successful. The youngest competitor was Tadd Fujikawa at the age of 15 with the youngest champion being John McDermott at the age of 19.

History of the US Open

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