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Tablet and Smartphone Statistics on Shopping and Buying

Tablet and Smartphone Statistics on Shopping and Buying

Retail Apps and Smart Usage

The changing trend in shopping has led to the development of mobile apps. Both customers and retailers prefer using mobile apps to promote and purchase products from the store. The new age devices like smartphone, tablets help in bringing change in the traditional ways of shopping. The mobile apps help in checking the products online and then purchase immediately. Clients also love to purchase products by browsing through the mobile apps.

Smartphones and Tablets have wide screen on which you can explore the product details clearly. This simple change in the online product sale has boosted mobile sales. Records show the sale of mobile phone has increased in the year 2013 compared to 2012. Introduction of Tablet devices in the market has boosted the movement of retail apps. Most people are using tablets for communication. It is needed for checking mail or browsing websites. You can even click images or listen to songs on this device. The wide screen of the device allows you to browse the songs, YouTube videos or images in a better way. Thus, the retail apps can be prominently viewed on the tablet screen.

Tablet users generally look for some essential features such as:
• Money saving offers
• They prefer watching images on slideshow
• Cheap apps that can be easily purchased.

While smartphone users look for apps that will help them to locate the nearby store from where they can check out products and purchase later.

Those who are using Facebook prefer using these devices to check the apps for purchasing products from the online store. Facebook is an excellent platform to promote your product. Everyone is hooked on this social network. It is a perfect platform to promote services. You can just use the right hand side column to display your merchandise and write about the attractive offers. Soon you will find people visiting your site from their smart devices.

The retail apps thus gain immense popularity due to demand in online shopping. Retail stores have begun spending immensely to promote their facilities through these apps. Apps help in reaching the customer directly and then finding out his preferences. It is an end to end service.

The mobile users also use the social sites to share their opinion about a retail store. They use Facebook, Twitter or others to share their opinion about a particular product. So use the new ways of product sale and improve your business.

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