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Template for the Best Product Page Design

Template for the Best Product Page Design

How to Create an Effective Product Page Design

Carrying customers through a purchase on an e-Commerce page is crucial for sales. Many often abandon the cart and the purchase before the checkout process even begins by being caught up in the design of the layout, thinking too much, or losing trust with the company. It is, therefore, not surprising that the average cart abandonment comes in just over 60%. The current cart abandonment rate illustrates how important it is to set up a page properly; where consumers will not only trust the company page, but also will enjoy the easy-to-navigate methods within the page to fully make the process simple and time efficient.

Understanding the User

When a buyer begins searching for products within an e-commerce page, there are many features that could appeal to their liking and may maintain a complete follow-through to checking out. The features may seem simple, but are often ignored and only a few are utilized on many e-Commerce pages, but using a combination of several of the features will probably decrease cart abandonment while increasing sales. One of the features many buyers are frequently searching is free shipping costs. Consumers are more likely to purchase items online if there is a free shipping option attached to product pictures indicating free shipping.

The second feature many buyers tend to like and appreciate is free returns. Most people will not take the time to return items, but the option offers control of the buyer to send back an item if the purchase isn’t what they desired or may have been mishandled in some way. Special discounts and sales on the page are also a plus to catch the buyer’s attention. Other features that are not nearly as important as free shipping, free returns, and special sales and discounts, but are still features buyers are looking for on an e-commerce site include: discount coupons, rewards and loyalty points, time limited deals, buy more, save more options, and free gifts. The more features used throughout the site, the more a buyer will likely make it through the checkout process.

Design and Layout

Apart from features, the design and layout of the page is an important factor as well. A site should include plenty of blank space that allows a buyer to focus on images, colored text, and videos to see main points to engage with the products. A high quality image of the product should be shown with multiple views or a zoom that will truly show off the product from multiple angles. As videos are becoming increasingly popular, videos increase credibility and sales; therefore product demo videos should be utilized with products. To retrieve the products easily, a product search function should be embedded into the site; where it is noticeable and is easy to use; rather than having buyers constantly click a back button. Those who enter on the site looking for a specific item will be able to use the search function and find the product in a timely manner; thus improving the probability of a complete sale.

Product Description

The writing surrounding the product on the page should be clear and easy to read, maintain a clear call to action where the buyer will be prompted to act within the page for the sale, and the writing should appeal to the emotion by using emotional triggers. Products similar to those searched should be offered to the buyer to make a knowledgeable decision as well as to possibly order more products. The site should also include consumer reviews of the products to illustrate credibility of the product and provide comfort to the buyer. A last vital aspect is to remove all unnecessary information and elements from the page, to make it as clean and easy to navigate as possible. By creating an e-Commerce page with these elements will improve cart abandonment rates and sales on the site.

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