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7 Social Video and YouTube Video Statistics on Engagement

Social Video and YouTube Video Statistics on Engagement

How Advertisers are Using Videos on Social Networks

Social video delivers results, but only if you know how to use it effectively. Advertisers use various tactics to get the most out of videos on social media sites.

Humor in Videos

Humorous videos are very prominent and popular in the social video space because of how effective they are. 4 out of every 10 social videos use humor to engage viewers. People who watch a humorous video are more than three times as likely to click through to the brand’s Facebook Page after viewing compared to those who watch other kinds of video content.

Celebrity Videos

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) celebrity appearances do not guarantee user engagement. Only one in ten social videos features a TV or movie personality.
These celebrity videos drive 12% fewer visitors to the Facebook Page of the brand compared to non-celebrity videos.

Video length

Videos lasting just 15 seconds are used the least, but the stats show they result in the best click through rates in social video space. Half of all social video traffic comes from video that are over a minute in length, and these are the second most effective format after the top performing 15 second ads. Despite their effectiveness, videos that are 15 seconds or less account for only 10% of what is made.

Visitor Demographics

Females make up the biggest proportion of users in the social video space. The number of teenage viewers is rising rapidly. According to data from the YuMe Video Advertising Metrics Reports, 63% of all video views come from female users. Also 60% of video watchers are between the ages of 18 and 44.

Video Opt-ins

Post-view engagement is the most effective way of driving traffic, and much better than the interruptive types of videos like pre-rolls. Users who opt-in to watch social videos are three times more likely to engage with a brand. The most popular post view interaction is joining a brand on Facebook.

Social Video Programs

The greatest strength of social video is they provide drastically higher completion rates, when compared to pre-roll video. On 64% of viewers watch a 30 second pre-roll to the very end. This is in stark contrast to social video that users opt-in to watching and 95% of viewers see it to completion.

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