13 Mobile Search Statistics and Smartphone Search Stats for 2013

Mobile Search Statistics and Smartphone Search Stats for 2013

Mobile Search on the Rise

More than half of the UK’s population owns a smartphone and it comes as no surprise that web searching has increased with use of these devices. Here is a look at some of the Smartphone activities and stats.

Top User Activities

Here is a look at some of the top activities performed by mobile users. The fourth most popular smartphone activity performed by users is search. A 400% increase in mobile search activity occurred from 2011 to 2012. The number of smartphone searches doubles every few months.

Global Search Usage

Three fourths of smartphone users search on their mobile device. Here are the top countries where mobile search is performed. The UK and Australia share the top spot in global search usage.

• UK – 73%
• Australia – 73%
• USA – 71%
• China – 68%

Frequency in Search

Here is a look at the frequency to which smartphone users search in the UK on a daily basis.

• 29% search weekly.
• 10% search monthly.
• 5% search less than monthly.
• 3% never search.

Top Searches

Here is our breakdown of what consumers are searching for with production information maximizing over half of search inquiries made.

• 60% product information.
• 36% restaurants, pubs, and bars.
• 29% travel and holidays.
• 16% jobs.
• 16% housing information.

Local Search

For users performing local search four in five people used smartphone to seek local information with two in every three becoming compelled to take direct action as a result. One in three went to make a purchase.

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