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Social Proof Marketing Examples and Loss Aversion Marketing Tips

Social Proof Marketing Examples and Loss Aversion Marketing Tips

The Basic Psychology of Sales

Even though information is doubling in every field about once every 18 months right now, some things have remained the same since the beginning of time. One of those timeless things is human behavior. Even though we can be online, connected to billions of people daily, what triggers people to want something and then convert on that need remains the same. It is this trigger that you need to utilize if you are going to succeed with your goals. How do you accomplish that?

It’s About Inclusion, Not Exclusion

People want to feel like they fit in. Sometimes they want to feel like they are an innovator or edgy. In order to do this, what you’ve got to offer must find approval from the people your leads are hanging out with every day. Sometimes this can be done with retweets, repins, or shares on Facebook, while other times a positive online review can make a huge impression. If your product excludes people in a negative way, you’ll soon enjoy the wait at the unemployment line.

You’ve Got To Create Scarcity

The television show Hoarders is the best example of what happens when people feel like they are going to lose something that they want: they hold onto it for all they’re worth. If your product or service has a sense of urgency to it that your leads will feel like they’re missing out on something by not purchasing it, you’ll be able to create a level of scarcity that will help create a sale. Stop doing what you’re doing right now and incorporate this tip today!

Anchor Your Brand

Humans love to compare, shop, and find a great deal. JCPenney recently discovered this fact themselves the hard way – sales at their stores plummeted because they stopped having sales. People don’t want fair and basic pricing – they want to be able to compare what you’ve got to your competitor’s stuff to see which is the best deal. If you add in a bonus like you see in the products on TV i.e. “Buy this product today and we’ll throw in ANOTHER product for free AND we’ll give you a mini version of this product FOR FREE… but you’ve got to ACT NOW!” With a good sale and a bonus, you’ll effectively anchor your brand.

Get Your Foot in the Door

Socialization is a core component of humanity, which is why businesses that can form relationships with their targets and visitors will convert more of them on a consistent basis. Encourage your targets and leads to be social, engage them during social events, and nurture those relationships that you’re building so that they will last a lifetime. If you do that, you’ll create a brand loyalty that can pay off in sale after sale after sale.

Establish Your Expertise

People want to know that they are getting the very best, which means if you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche, you’ll convert more leads. You can raise yourself up to this level through strategic collaboration with other corporations or thinkers as you work to become a thought leader within your industry. By utilizing these tips, you’ll be able to effectively establish your brand in the mind of your lead so that your product is wanted, and when you do that, you’ll have a great chance of making a sale.

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