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23 Local Search Engine Ranking Factors that Affect Google Rankings

23 Local Search Engine Ranking Factors that Affect Google Rankings

Local Search Optimization Tips

Every business constantly strives to increase its brand visibility. Business organizations employ different strategies to create awareness and buzz about their existence and their mission. After all, nobody will patronize a business if he doesn’t know about the existence of a business, its services, and its products. This is why many business organizations budget millions of dollars to increase their brand visibility and to create awareness about their products and services. In the business world, increased brand visibility and product awareness have a positive impact on the sales figure and profit level.

Local search optimization is a superb way business organizations can enhance the visibility of their brand and create the necessary buzz about their products and services. In this digital era, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing influence the buying decision of consumers. Before buying a product or service, consumers are likely to conduct a research about the product or service on the web.

Thus, local search optimization is an effective strategy for businesses to engage their existing customers and attract potential customers. Any organization that fails to take advantage of the opportunity provided by local search optimization to engage will lose a large chunk of its market share to its competitors. By neglect this method of increasing their brand visibility and product awareness, business organizations will not only lose potential and existing customers to their competitors but also boost their competitor’s on their target market.

Below are 3 local search optimization tips business organizations can use to increase the online visibility of their brands. Since most buying decisions are made on the web, these local search optimization tips will also create awareness about the products and services of a business to local customers.

1. Organizations Should Register Their Business with Search Engines.

Search engines drive lots of traffic to a website. In order to create awareness about their products and services on the web, companies should register their business with the local business registry of search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By registering and verifying their details, business organizations can be authenticated by these search engine giants, thereby having a great opportunity of receiving tons of local customers from these search engines.

2. Link Building.

Business organizations should endeavor to share their website link with local directories, local newspaper websites, and various local websites in their region. Search engines love links a lot. By adding their keywords and location on the anchor text of their links and linking their websites with other local websites, search engine spider will notice a business website is an integral part of a particular place and will, therefore, drive traffic emanating from that place to such websites.

3. Organizations Should Create Location-specific Landing Page for Websites.

For organizations that operate in different regions, they should create different landing pages for different locations. Each landing page should contain the business address for that specific region, and a Google map should be embedded in the web page. By embedding a Google map on their web pages, business organizations will get listed in Google 10 Pack that will make the business to appear in the result of a Google map search, which drives additional traffic to their websites.

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