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Social Media Job Posting Template


Hire the Right Person the First Time

Despite record unemployment rates in some areas, more than half of all employers report that one of their biggest issues with which they must contend is employee turnover. When the entire hiring process isn’t able to build a relationship with a potential employee, neither the employer nor the employee end up getting a complete picture of what a job will be like. When a job doesn’t meet expectations or is just a wrong fit, that employee is going to leave, sticking the employer with more training and hiring costs. It just doesn’t stop there, however, because a poor hiring experience can also make a business lose customers too.

Nearly 8 in 10 Employers Don’t Respond To an Application

After an application has been turned in, there is a feeling of dread in the pit of the stomach of people every time they collect their mail. They don’t want to see that letter which says they aren’t going to be selected for the job they just took time to apply to get. Worse than that, however, is the fact that a vast majority of employers don’t send out any communication at all to respond to an application. Even a simple “Thank you, but it won’t be you,” is preferable to nothing at all. To get the right person, sometimes the right thing has to be done, and sending out communication about every application that is submitted is the right thing to do.

The Application Process Is Just Too Long

Thanks to modern technology and advanced software, the average application for a new job should take about five minutes to complete. That’s right – just five minutes! Yet more than half of all online applications take double the amount of this time. Nearly 10% of online applications take 60 minutes or more to complete. If your hiring process is long and complicated, this is a reflection of what a job opportunity will be like with your organization as well. Remember – how you hire people is a reflection of your brand. A negative experience will reflect negatively on your branding.

Use More Than Just One Platform

Nearly half of all job seekers find opportunities through social media. By limited your posts to just one site, you’re effectively limiting the pool of prospective applicants that will see your postings. Successful employers are using three or more social platforms, in addition to other recruitment methods, such as blogging or videos on YouTube or Vimeo. The more consistent of a message you can get out across the various platforms, the better the response you’ll be able to get. This will give you a pool of qualified candidates from whom you are more likely to select the best employee possible.

People Just Want To Know What To Expect

To reduce dissatisfaction about the hiring process, it is important to let people know what to expect. From background checks to calling references, if people know what you are going to be doing, they are less likely to feel that the experience was negative. That’s important because nearly 80% of people say they would talk with other people about a negative experience with a business and their hiring process. Nearly 20% would talk about it over social media. By having open communication lines, not only can the overall hiring experience by a positive one, but it will help each employer find the right employee for their open opportunity.

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