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37 Must See Social Media User Demographics


The Power of Women on Social Media

Did you know that 40 million more women visit Twitter than men? That the average time spent on Facebook per day is almost 7 hours? There are more people in the United States using social media than the entire population of Japan! With more than 70% of women using social media accounting for nearly 60% of the entire population base using these sites, there is no doubt that these figures must influence marketing decisions. This means knowing what women are doing, what they like, and how they interact with people on a daily basis.

Most Women Are Annoyed By Their Facebook Friends

A vast majority of women say that their Facebook friends actually annoy them. Whether it is posts about politics, religion, or tons of cat pictures, women are less likely to engage with content that is shared to them by their friends. This means a marketing effort should focus away from viral efforts and more toward direct marketing. Creating stunning graphics, an effective call to action, and valuable information will have more success in marketing to women. Why? Despite being on Facebook for almost 7 hours, the average Facebook post will be looked at for 30 seconds or less. This means you’ve got to make a great first impression.

Twitter and Pinterest Are Even More Female Orientated

More than 60% of Twitter users are women. Many women use Twitter as a means of sharing news, creating valuable information, or talking about their day in some way. To engage with women on Twitter, you’ve got to create tweets that hold value to them in some way. This often involves links to other data that relate to what each woman is attempting to find on Twitter. Without this value, being unfollowed is a certainty, so marketing efforts have to be consistently fresh and relevant.

With Pinterest, you get an extension of what a woman is truly interested in. It could be recipes, interior design, or even wedding decorations! Women want their boards filled with good ideas that they or their friends could use if given half a chance. By marketing ideas to them through your branding, you’ll have an effective method of reaching the modern woman using social media.

Stay Away From YouTube and Google Plus

The power of women on social media doesn’t transfer over to YouTube or Google Plus, as these platforms are dominated by men. The average guy will spend over an hour watching videos on YouTube, while a woman will spend half that time. On Google Plus, only 1 in 4 people actually use it as a social media site. Most people don’t ever engage with others! Though these sites can be effective tools to market toward men, you’ll find more success in Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest if your goal is to market to women. Use this information today to find the success you’ve been searching to find!

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