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Seth Godin vs. Guy Kawasaki: Social Media and Blog Comparisons

Seth Godin vs. Guy Kawasaki: Social Media and Blog ComparisonsSeth Godin vs. Guy Kawasaki: Social Media and Blog Comparisons

Seth Godin versus Guy Kawasaki

Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki are two individuals who have made it in the internet marketing platform, and have been awarded severally for their wonderful work. Although the two work towards a common goal to achieve better results in internet marketing, each has his own preferences when it comes to work, and this is the reason why the two are different. One believes in having a great public profile while working, while the other loves to take it easy as he works, for as long as the results are remarkable. It is due to this factor where you might be asked to choose between Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki. Here are a few things you need to understand about the two.


Seth Godin for one has very different feelings on the internet marketing techniques today, and does not advocate for creative advertising. He believes that creative advertising is way too predictable and not as effective as it used to a few years back. He advocates for companies to create marketing and advertisement campaigns that will target specific runs of people for increased sales and revenue generation. It was due to his views on this that he created the purple cow, which is a great seller in the marketing industries today. Guy Kawasaki on the other hand has great inspiration from what the other people are doing, and mainly advocates for freeness to air vies and concerns, he was once a marketing director in the mackintosh marketing team. Guy Kawasaki believes that, the key to effective writing is by editing and reading other people’s pieces too. This is because it broadens ones way of thinking, which paves way for creativeness and efficiency when writing content.


Although the war between Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin is symbiotically related, there are many points that an internet marketer can pick from the same. The two have a common goal of winning a client over, though the marketing techniques are different. For the sake of Seth, one needs to focus on the brand or commodity he or she is marketing to win over as many clients and customers, as well as traffic. This is for the better good of the company and can yield much within the company. Kawasaki on the other hand believes in writing something legible and highly influential to the target audience too. This then means that, for you to market a product to the outside world, you need to be very creative in whatever you do. Creativeness comes from exposure and understanding the markets well.

What’s Your Thoughts?

With the two marketing ideas from the squidoo lens and fedora contributors, internet marketers have been given a choice to choose on what they think is better for their marketing strategies. It has not been very hard to see what other marketers think on marketing ideas and strategies, and this can be derived from social media sites. The idea on majoring on the product and employing marketing ideas on that product alone does not seem to be supported by many people, as the highest follow up and likes are on the basis of writing great content which will enlighten the audience about the product, thus enhance sales.

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