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SEO Trends to Watch Out For in 2016


Here are some of the key takeaways from the following infographic.

1) SEO Is Better Than Ever.
There is no question that 2015 was a great year for SEO as a whole. The Mobilegeddon algorithm updates came out, and anyone who was serious about succeeding in a professional capacity took the notion of mobile seriously. SEO got more positive attention throughout the year as a legitimate concept, leading experts to make a number of positive speculations for the future of SEO.

2) The Changes To SEO Were Nothing Less Than Extraordinary In 2015.
Local rankings took on the three-pack result system, which continued the trend of desktop and mobile interfaces becoming increasingly connected to one another. Furthermore, a new algorithm update on content quality, combined with minor alterations and updates, is slowly but surely changing the ways in which people search for things online.

3) Dark Traffic Is Becoming Illuminated.
Dark traffic refers to the type of traffic that Google Analytics cannot accurately report on, in terms of sources. This can make marketing a little tricky. However, over the past couple of years, an increasing amount of attention is being paid to better understanding dark traffic in all its forms. Expect this desire to better understand dark traffic to continue, as 2016 rolls along.

4) Keywords Are Getting More Creative, As Are Their Synonyms.
The Hummingbird update was a significant alteration to semantics, in terms of search engines. The value is not only increasing for the specific keywords that are utilized, but the context and meaning of the specific keywords are seeing a rise in value, as well. This means that Google will be better equipped to give similar answers to questions that are ultimately asking the same thing, but perhaps, with different keywords.

5) Mobile Optimization Is Only Going To Get Bigger.
Over 2015, we saw an extraordinary amount of attention being paid to mobile optimization. The numbers don’t lie, as the number of people relying on their mobile devices to search for a multitude of things is only getting larger. Furthermore, people are not only using their smartphones and tablets to search for things, but they are also using their smartphones for local business searches.

6) Video SEO.
In terms of SEO content, we’ve really only scratched the surface with video. However, over the course of the coming year, you should expect video to become an increasingly important component to powerhouse SEO marketing practices. Look for more interactive content, too.

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