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12 Incredible Quotes from The Dorito Effect

Mark Schatzker, the author of ‘The Dorito Effect,’ discusses how there are nearly 600 million pounds of flavorings added to food each year. This is the primary culprit to the rise in obesity and American’s becoming overweight. To counteract the overuse of fat, salt, and sugar, here is a look at some incredible quotes from ‘The Dorito Effect.’

“Are humans nutritional idiots? Our palates aren’t just out of tune with our bodily needs. Our palates are out to kill us.”

“Can these foods [low-fat, vitamin-enriched, etc] even be called”healthy”? Perhaps we should think about it this way: If you cut a batch of pharmaceutical-grade cocaine with chai, you could say with some degree of honesty that it is”healthier,””less addictive,” and”now with chai!” But would you say it’s”good for you?””

“Flavor factories churn out chemical desire. We spray, squirt, and inject hundreds of millions of pounds of those chemicals on food every year, and then we find ourselves surprised and alarmed that people keep eating. We have become so talented at soaking our food in fakeness that the leading cause of preventable death – smoking – bears a troubling resemblance to the second leading cause of preventable death – obesity.”

“Hedonism, as any puritan can tell you, never leads to virtue. If we could all set pleasure aside and eat what’s good for us, our problems would all go away. (Good luck with that.)”

“Humans look just like livestock now. We achieve a state of buttery plumpness before we’ve even reached sexual maturity. We experience powerful cravings for food that is slowly making us sick. We are…programmed to eat the wrong food. We aren’t born calorie zombies, but that’s what we have become.”

“If goats had a word for delicious, it would have two meanings. The first would be: I like this. The second would be: This is what my body needs. For goats, they are the same thing.”

“It tasted good going down, but the megaload of carbs and fat induced negative post-ingestive feedback.”

“Obesity is so rampant that it seems contagious. It’s an epidemic now, and it’s spreading to other countries— the British are gaining, the Chinese are gaining, even the French are gaining— which makes it a pandemic. There are frantic efforts to make it stop.”

“The food problem is a flavor problem. For half a century, we’ve been making the stuff people should eat–fruits, vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed meats–incrementally less delicious. Meanwhile, we’ve been making the food people shouldn’t eat–chips, fast food, soft drinks, crackers–taste ever more exciting. The result is exactly what you’d expect.”

“Their [plant secondary compounds] healthful effects in humans, however, are not well understood, in part because things in nature like coriander and basil can’t be patented so there isn’t a lot of money being thrown at them, and in part because long-term studies that measure small effects of low doses are expensive and don’t yield the kind of unambiguous, major effects you get with pharmaceuticals, but mainly because preventions are never as exciting as cures.”

“When I ate Doritos or a Big Mac, I dept on eating and eating, and later experienced McRegret. So why when I ate a fourteen-week-old barred rock [heirloom breed chicken] or a grapefruit did I find it tremendously delicious and yet tremendously satisfying? If these foods tasted better, shouldn’t I have just kept on gorging?”

“Yes, part of the problem is junk food. There’s more of it, and it’s more alluring than ever. But non junk food is a bigger problem. It isn’t as flavorful as it used to be, which has the inverse effect of making junk food yet more enticing. Even worse, we’re turning real food into junk food.Thanks to its off-putting insipidness, we coat it in calories, drench it in dressing, and dust it in synthetic flavor. The more bland it becomes, the harder we try to make it seem real.”

‘The Dorito Effect,’ has brought to the attention of consumers that over excessive use of artificial flavorings and ingredients to your food. From syrups to sauces, these have been the primary cause of obesity. Check out this CBS interview with Mark Schatzker.

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