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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specs Comparison


Top Exciting News from Android

Known for its cutting-edge technology and reasonable prices, Android has some exciting developments in store. Read on to learn all about the new Android features and hardware.

Cool New Sensors

The newest Android phones will come with sensors to measure everything from temperature to air pressure to humidity. You’ll be able to measure these variables from anywhere with just your phone.

Additionally, some phones will also come with specialized touch sensors. For example, the device will be able to connect as soon as you touch the phone to your ear to answer a call. The new HTC One will also come with a unique fingerprint touch identification system where you can touch your finger to the back of the device and access the screen, similar to the technology found in the iPhone 5s.

Finally, some devices come with a sensor that will help you save battery power. With this one, the screen will detect eye contact. If your eyes drift elsewhere, the screen powers down and goes to sleep. And if you’re playing a video, the playback will pause and then start again once you bring your attention back.

New Features for Jelly Bean

The newest operating system, Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) gives you a first-rate set of new features, including the ability to beam different types of media between Android phones. Also, you will never have to be bored again with Daydreamer, the program that sends you nifty photos and articles while your phone is idle. It’s like a personalized screensaver that gets constantly updated with the newest material.

The Best New Phones We Saw in 2013

Some tip-top models have joined the Android lineup this year. These include the HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the LG Optimus G Pro. They offer a stunning array of features, like 13-megapixel cameras, plenty of RAM and internal memory and as much as fifteen hours of battery power. They are also opting for bigger screens for a more profound digital experience.

Apps Aplenty

Finally, one of Android’s major selling points is the access to the greatest variety of apps for any platform. GooglePlay has more apps than the App Store or the Blackberry AppWorld, and many of the apps are available for free or at reduced costs.
With all that in mind, we will be excited to see what Android comes up with next year!

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