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Review of the Saladworks Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Do you love the idea of bringing healthy eating options to your community? Are you looking for a unique QSR opportunity that could make a big impact locally? Saladworks has the ability to meet those needs and lead you to a place of quick profitability by focusing on fresh, local ingredients that aren’t your standard quick service fare. With lean proteins, fresh vegetables, and brilliant flavors, you can serve a filling meal using true nutrition for less than 500 calories.

Saladworks isn’t just a new concept that has been created to take advantage of new trends. It’s the first and largest fresh salad concept that works as a franchise and it has been operating continuously since 1986. The concept works because not only does this organization focus on being a community leader in the field of nutrition, but they also emphasize a consistent culture that can only be maintained by bringing in people who have bought into the concept of quick, healthy eating choices.

Are you ready to explore this franchise opportunity? Most of the opportunities to start this franchise exist on the US East Coast, although there are opportunities in Colorado and Arizona to start a franchise as well. With over 100 locations operating and 100 more on the way, this could be the perfect way to invest your money. Let’s take a look at this franchising opportunity in a more in-depth way.

What Does the Initial Investment Look Like?

If you’re thinking about investing into the Saladworks franchising model, the first barrier that many investors are going to face are the financial strength requirements. This organization requires a minimum net worth of $1.5 million with immediate liquid assets of at least $400k. Part of the reason why the amount is higher than with other similar QSR opportunities is that a franchisee must commit to a development schedule of 3 units at minimum.

With the 3 unit model, your franchise fee will be $90k, spread out over the 3 units. Additional units will also cost $30k per restaurant. Saladworks moves quickly to get new restaurants open and expects new franchisees to tour real estate sites with their dedicated team within 60 days of signing the franchise agreement. Once you achieve your grand opening, there is an ongoing royalty of 5% and a brand development fee of 3% to consider as well that works toward promoting your franchise locations on local, regional, and national levels.

Overall, the initial investment per restaurant on the low end of the estimation scale is $400k. The high end estimates are $620k per restaurant to get it off the ground, but it could be even more based on your local market conditions. The process begins when you make an initial application that outlines your experiences in this field. You’ll have two interviews with Saladworks executives that discuss your qualifications, both financial and operational, that must be passed before you’ll move toward reviewing the franchise disclosure documents.

What Kind of Support Is Received?

Saladworks looks to set themselves apart from their QSR competition by offering a wider range of support options for their franchisees. It begins with their help in choosing a location and providing detailed help in the design of the store with their best practices that have been developed over time. There’s also help with lease negotiations and Saladworks must approve the final leasing agreement. With a variety of location options, however, including mall food court options or office building ground floor opportunities, you can get a Saladworks approved virtually anywhere there is good traffic.

Once the location of each franchise location is approved, each franchisee is given 4 weeks of training in in the familiarization of how the organization conducts business. This includes ServSafe Certification and a comprehensive coverage of profit and loss management. It’s geared to help you get to know the Saladworks model, their operation model, and the ingredients that you’re going to be using. This training is extended to your staff and management in your stores.

Each franchisee will also gain access to volume-based pricing for their ingredients. This is a definite advantage in a QSR concept that utilizes fresh produce as the primary source of sales! You’ll be part of a network of approved vendors that Saladworks has verified and you’ll also gain access to an established social media presence. A franchise convention is held annually and there are regional dine-in sessions to help with immediate needs that can creep up.

Is This the Right Investment To Make?

One of the advantages that franchisees get with Saladworks is the ability for customers to order a fresh salad and have it delivered. This can even be ordered online, allowing for extra flexibility in the customer base and more potential revenue options. You can offer more than just salads, as soups and sandwiches with proprietary recipes are also part of the franchising package. This helps to market your new restaurants to a wider customer base where all of the food is made-to-order and assembled right before the customer’s eyes.

This is a niche market, but one that is growing. People are becoming more conscious of the foods that are going into their mouths and a QSR option like Saladworks gives people a more tempting target in this niche than your typical fast food place. If your community is lacking a healthy option like this, you could make a definite splash with the options this franchise opportunity could provide.

With good locations available, a growing demographic, and fresh ingredients, Saladworks offers a tempting environment for good, fast, and nutritious foods when people need a bite to eat. It’s as affordable as your average QSR location, offers low calorie meals that are filling, and best of all uses real, locally sourced foods in many communities. If that sounds good to you, then make the fanatically fresh choice to apply today and begin the franchising conversation.

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