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Review of the Pret A Manger Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Featuring sustainable foods that include smoothies, soups, and coffee, Pret A Manger helps people get their days started off right. It’s more of a restaurant than a shop, but you’ll find a kitchen at every location that prepares foods fresh every day for customers to enjoy. You’ll find classic sandwiches like the pole and line caught tuna baguette with cucumber and mayo, a classic club, and good stuff like avocado, basil, and other natural ingredients everywhere. Pret is an exciting and growing brand that has been engineering natural foods since 1986.

Here’s the bad news: Pret A Manger is not franchising at this time. It isn’t going to happen any time soon in the future either. Their website says it all. “Please don’t call us and ask for a franchise because we don’t; we really don’t. We don’t franchise. The fact is, we don’t like to franchise, so we don’t.”

That doesn’t mean that this niche market isn’t an exciting investment opportunity! If you’re looking to offer your community the combination of natural and sustainable foods, drinks, and coffee, then here are some organizations that are franchising right now that can help you start building your own local business.

Alternative Franchise Opportunities

3 Potato 4
One of the key reasons why people are transitioning back to sustainable, natural foods is because of gluten sensitivities. With a 3 Potato 4 franchise, you’ll provide people the chance to have the best of both worlds with a series of unique dipping sauces that really make the products stand out. A new shop can be opened for as little as $80k and you only need about 500 square feet in a location to make it happen. Even the serving dishes are paper cones that are bio-ready and fully sustainable. It’s a young franchise as well, so it could be a ground floor investment that could pay off big.

Berrybrook Farm
This franchise opportunity is the oldest natural foods store in North Carolina and they’re looking to extend their unique look on life throughout the East Coast in both store and restaurant form. Providing cruelty-free foods and health and beauty products, you’ll also provide groceries and supplements to people who are looking for organic and sustainable products. Best of all, you’ll only need $25k to get the process started and a brand new location can achieve a grand opening for less than $100k. This way you’ll be able to approach your business with multiple revenue sources, which can help better establish your franchise in your community.

Bowl of Heaven
This franchise features healthy treats like fresh Acai bowls, along with other fresh and frozen super fruits that are designed to help people achieve their healthy eating goals. You’ll find toppings like honey and organic granola available too. The franchise fee here is $25k and there’s a discount available to military veterans. The total royalties and fees are 11%, covering the typical categories. The initial term is for 5 years and there are three renewals available. You can potentially get your grand opening achieved with this franchise for as little as $135k.

Daily Juice
Based out of Austin, TX, you’ll be providing your customer base with organic juices that are made to order. The menu also features smoothies that are made from fresh fruits, veggies, and superfoods. There are also a number foods for the grab-and-go lunch crowd in this natural version of a QSR. The initial franchise fee is $30k and there is a 8% royalty and fee payment expectation. There is also a net worth requirement of $450k to qualify for a franchise. There aren’t any size requirements for a location, so the initial investment can vary widely based on the location that is chosen. Most locations can be opened for less than $200k, however, and you’ll receive continuing support from the home organization as a franchisee.

One of the exciting niche markets with the sustainable foods industry is the olive oil bar concept. The Oilerie began their stores in 2003 and you’ll find 28 tanks on locations that provide some of the freshest olive oil around. Adding balsamic vinegar that is 25 years old to the mix adds a little variety to the mix and will definitely change how your community views olive oil. Grocery store oils are old, flat, and bland. Fresh oils are exciting, flavorful, and robust! With a franchise fee of $37,500 to get started and their prototype store creates $315 of revenues per hour in just 325 square feet. If that sounds tempting to you, then it’s probably tempting for your community that is craving fresh, organic, and sustainable goods.

Power Pizzeria
Is there a great tasting, healthier way to make pizza? There is if you use the Power Pizzeria formula for success! Using organic sauces, pizzas made with whey protein, and using all-natural ingredients, there isn’t any frozen dough being shipped in with this business model. 94% of Americans eat pizza at least once per month and with this franchise, you can help them do so in a guilt-free way. A minimum net worth of $500k is required and you’ll need at least $100k in available funds, but the chance to combine sustainable foods and pizza is tough to ignore. It’s a US Southeast chain at the moment, but it could grow fast.

For something a little different and unique, this franchise offers the opportunity to have wholesome Japanese cuisine in the very popular QSR bowl format. Using sustainable, all natural foods, it’s a different way to look at fast food for your community. Royalties are low at just 4% for the ongoing cost and the initial franchise fee is $27,500. There is a $10k grand opening fee that is used to advertise your new location, however, and the training is quite extensive. Your kitchen staff will get 6 weeks of training at company HQ and you’ll get 12 weeks with your store manager. On the whole, however, it is a chance to stand out in this niche and build a true brand identity.

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