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23 Twitter Tips from Dr. Seuss


Tweeting, tweeting, tweeting. How does it all work?
Tweeting all the time might make you seem like a real jerk.
You’ve got to learn how to strike a tweeting balance without repeating.
How do you learn to do this and make sure that people keep retweeting?

Twitter and FaceBook might seem like loads of fun,
But the madness behind the scene will make you want to run.
You think you have the right idea from the start,
But getting people too see you is the hard part.

Here is the big question, how do you make an impression?
Are you looking to keep people coming back without regression?
There are a few tips that you must keep at the forefront
As long as you want to stay in the Twitter Hunt.

Make sure that your Twitter message does not get lost in the shuffle
This is done best by tweeting and staying up with your hustle,
But make sure that you do not overload your Twitter Feed,
Because this will only make you look like a Twitter dweeb.

The best approach to take is a methodical one
Send a tweet every hour and be steady as the sun.
By spacing out your tweets with a direct approach in mind
In no time you will be the Twitter account that others are looking to find.

The next step involves not getting a big head,
Before you know it a cocky attitude might result in your followers wanting you dead.
Your Twitter followers might be most impressed by your business and what you do,
But it is incredibly important that you do not forget to share other things too.

Not only can you use Twitter as a place to chat,
But you can also use it to grow connections and things like that.
You have the ability to share your own content,
But you can also find meaningful posts and keep others relevant.

The last piece of advice that you must remember
Is not letting the negative comments get the better.
Some followers on Twitter might be quick to name call,
But you can send a fast and professional response that makes them take back it all.

Always remember that Twitter is best when left short and sweet.
You have the ability to say something really neat.
You do not even have to use all 140
To tell a pretty amazing Twitter story.

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