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10 Great Roofing Marketing Ideas

A roof is one of those needed items on a home, but a good roof can last three decades or more. That makes it difficult to have a lot of repetitive business. Roofing is also one of those classic skills that people turn to when times get tough, so there always seems to be new competition in your market that is trying to undercut your pricing structure. With these marketing ideas, however, you’ll be able to be the #1 roofer in your community and keep your calendar booked.

It starts by providing a quality service at a fair price. People will pay for a guaranteed result, so provide them with a good roof that will last them a long time and you’ll create an outstanding reputation in your community that will have your phone ringing off the hook.

Best Roofing Marketing Ideas

1. What If Your Customers Named Their Own Price?
People will pay a fair price every time they really need a service completed. What people find to be a fair price, however, is often higher than what the industry standard tends to be. Businesses that let customers pay what they believe the end result was worth generally average higher pricing points because they don’t want to be embarrassed by underpaying, but they’ll also feel like they got a good deal. Set minimums that will help you pay costs, for example, but let your customers go from there.

2. Have Valuable Promotions
When you get involved with your community, your community will help to promote you in several different ways. For roofing marketing ideas, the best example of this is to select a household each month that needs a roof, but might not be able to pay for it. You can ask for applications or nominations for this promotion, which will get your brand additional exposure every month. People will want to do business with you as well because you’re the company who is willing to help that struggling family get back on their feet.

3. Give Complaints Their Just Desserts
Complaints are often ignored or forgotten about because it is information that isn’t really wanted. Complaints are also good feedback that can help facilitate change, so why not reward those who offer this feedback? Give the best complaints a good reward that will help everyone realize that you see the value in the feedback, maybe provide a gift certificate to a local restaurant as a prize for co-branding marketing, and put the results in the press so you stand by the feedback.

4. Rewards Are a Good Thing
You want to be able to give out estimates as much as possible, so you need a legit reason to be at someone’s house. By holding contests that award prizes for property landscaping, for example, you’ll have a representative out in a neighborhood and be able to talk with people about the roofing services you provide in a non-threatening way. After all, you’re there to judge landscaping, not solicit for business, right? By talking about roofing, you’re still soliciting and people won’t even realize it.

5. Put Real Value Into Your Price
Providing a superior level of craftsmanship with high quality products will help you charge more for every job. It will also target a specific niche of customers who are more than willing to pay for this higher level of quality. You aren’t providing a luxury item, like a Lotus, when you’re putting up a good roof, but you are giving someone two or three decades of security against leaks. If you outperform everyone else, then charge more than everyone else and you just might see your profits and bookings both increase.

6. Put Together a Portfolio
People believe with their eyes, so put together a comprehensive portfolio that will help people see the quality of work that you do. Take close up images of the actual craftsmanship so people can expect a similar result at their home. Show a wide range of techniques and roofing styles as well so your versatility can be on display.

7. Advertise Through Job Openings
If you need a new roofer, then use your marketing budget to advertise for them. Use television commercials instead of newspaper ads and you’ll create a double result: you’ll get plenty of applications for new roofers and you’ll get more service calls because people will see you as an active employer within the community and want to support you.

8. Create Partnerships
Every community has a go-to builder that people see as the #1 provider of quality services, but the chances are good that they can’t get every job done on their own. By subcontracting through someone with a strong reputation, you’ll create a partnership that is both profitable and will enhance your own reputation as well.

9. Don’t Ignore the Internet
People who see your portfolio of images on social media will have an instant reference point to the quality of your work. Create a Facebook page for your business, load it up with albums of your best work, and then share those images with people who like your page. Set up a Twitter feed that offers a look at your work and maybe even discounts for jobs that come from there. You can even use Tumblr to blog about the latest roofing standards so your customers can see that you’re up to date on all coding issues.

10. Give People Value
If you put power into the hands of your customers, then you’re giving them real value to use. If you know how to stop a leak, then tell them how to do it so they can save money. With good tips, you’ll help your prospects maintain their roof in a better way and they’ll come to you first because of the value that you’ve provided them over time. Don’t give your business away, of course, but do give them enough that they won’t need to call you for a simple task they could do in five minutes.

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