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12 Fantastic Pest Control Marketing Ideas

Even the best properties that are maintained daily can end up with a pest problem. Pest control services are often used as a last resort, but that’s because many households don’t see the value in hiring a specialist. They find more value in doing the work on their own! If you can flip the image and provide a better perception of your pest control company through an effective marketing campaign, you could be the primary provider to local homes in no time at all.

The first place to start is to make the choice to facilitate change. You could have a big marketing battle ahead of you to change the perception your community has of not just your business, but the pest control industry as a whole. Create realistic goals, plan to achieve them, and then use these marketing tips to facilitate success.

Pest Control Marketing Ideas to Increase Revenue

1. Use Your Database
Stay in touch with all of your past customers because there’s a good chance they’ll need your services again. Don’t be aggressive or pushy when you check-in with them. Just ask them how they’re doing and thank them for their past business that they’ve sent your way. If you don’t have a database with past customer data, start one this second.

2. Utilize a Monthly Newsletter
Any contact that provides valuable information is a good contact, so utilize a monthly newsletter that can be easily sent out to your customers. Email marketing is a cost-effective method to make this happen, but even a print newsletter can reap many benefits. Just make sure you’re collecting the necessary information [like an email address] so you can send it out each month.

3. Get Connected
Building relationships is critical to modern business success and social media is the way to do it. You still can beat the emphasis that a smile and a handshake can provide, but you can replicate that success with a friendly comment on a customer’s status update. You can also utilize social media to provide a lot of valuable links and articles to your customers that will increase your visibility, so be active and engaging and it will pay off.

4. Go Pound the Pavement
Pest control is something that people don’t think about until they need it, so go pound the pavement and distribute brochures or door hangers to help get your services to the top of their mind. Offer discounts, provide a good way to contact you that isn’t threatening, like an email address, and you’ll encourage people to keep your info for when they need it.

5. Postcards Provide Instant Awareness
A postcard is an effective way to get a short message across if it is designed correctly. Target a zip code and then use attractive graphics and useful information about what you can provide a customer who needs your services. It’s cost-effective, is non-threatening, and you’ll get exposure every time someone checks their mail.

6. Use Inside Calling Methods
Offer customers a special discount if they haven’t used your services in awhile. Call them up, chat them up, and then offer them a good deal that you aren’t offering anyone else. You might not get a lot of bites from this effort, but even three or four a week is three or four appointments you wouldn’t have had otherwise,

7. Distribute Information On Each Appointment
Give the neighbors of a customer the chance to see the value in what you do by offering them information about pest control when you go out to service a property. You’re out there anyway, so it’s a good way to extend your marketing without really expanding your costs. Offering a “neighbor discount” is also a good way to generate goodwill for a customer that will create loyalty, even if it doesn’t actually bring about extra appointments.

8. People Need To Know About Pests
Some households or commercial agencies might not even consider pests a problem and that’s a problem for you. It’s also very easy for a potential customer to be in denial about a problem they might have. By making prospects become aware of the issues and look at the realities of what a pest infestation means for their property, you can help to raise awareness of a potential problem and that will raise your revenues.

9. Be Upfront About Pricing
Many people are afraid that they can’t afford pest control services so they don’t even bother to price it out. Whenever you contact someone, make sure that your pricing structure is in big, bold fonts so there is no question about the amount you charge. This allows people to decide on their own as to whether or not your services are affordable for them.

10. How’s Your Website?
A good user experience can translate into good profits when an online presence is maximized. Make the site easy to use and consider allowing customers to book their own appointments online. Many people feel like a pest problem is a negative reflection on their abilities to care for their property and this provides them with a embarrassment-free outlet where they can feel like they were able to resolve the problem on their own.

11. Provide Free Services Each Month
Hold a contest to offer a free set of services to residential and/or commercial customers so you can prove the value of your services. This process will help you network your pest control business to your community in a friendly, lighthearted way and you’ll create a lot of goodwill for your branding.

12. Encourage Volunteer Opportunities
If you help people in your community, then they’ll think of you when they need pest control help. You can provide help in a number of different ways that don’t even include pest control if you want. From raking leaves to running community fundraisers for needed services, there is likely a new opportunity every day to help in some way. You don’t have to do something every day, of course, but consider getting involved at least once per month at minimum with a volunteer effort.

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