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13 Carpet Cleaning Marketing Ideas

One of the chores that many households put off is the need to deep clean their carpet. It isn’t always affordable for a household to clean their carpet, but it can prolong the life of it. If you can get a message of value and affordability out to your community while providing a competitive rate to your potential competitors, you’ll have the chance to increase your business tremendously.

It all begins with honest pricing and scheduling. If you can book an appointment for tomorrow, then charge your normal rates to do so. If you have a three week period of appointments already booked, then be upfront about that so a household can shop around for a faster service if need be. Honesty will always bring more customers, even if it drives a few away.

Best Carpet Cleaning Marketing Tips

1. Direct Mail Is an Effective Option
Whether you focus on residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, or both, direct mail can help you achieve results because you’re putting your brand in the hands of your prospects. Use brightly colored paper, bold headlines, and let people see the services that you provide.

2. Give People Options
Not every customer can afford your full cleaning package, but they might be able to afford something else. Allow different packages to be purchased, consider cleaning only a room or two, and you could end up booking your calendar full every day.

3. Make Sure Your Price Point Is Known
People don’t like to waste time these days, which means they don’t want to have to call you to get your rates. Make sure your rates are published, competitive, and fair so that people can make up their minds on their own. It’s convenient and that often translates into sales.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Wait
Sometimes it takes a little time for a marketing campaign to take off, so don’t be eager to ditch a campaign just because it hasn’t brought in a lot of results the first week. People might be between paychecks and not know yet if they can afford your service. If you push them for a sale when they’re unsure, they’ll shut you out because you’re bothersome. Be patient and the results will come in. If they don’t have 2-3 weeks, then consider making changes.

5. Get Involved with Social Media
Use graphics to promote your brand on social media because people are exposed to more information than ever before. Most people only have 1-2 seconds to dedicate to your post, so your job is to put your pitch into an eye-catching graphic with five or six words. That’s it! Do that effectively, however, and you’ll see more bookings coming in over time.

6. Engage People
Business today is all about the relationship, so you’ve got to build relationships with every customer contact you have. Whether it is on social media or when your staff are out cleaning carpets, the relationships that are forged with create a brand loyalty and repeat business. If people feel good about you, they’ll hire you.

7. Always Follow Up
Saying thank you today will go a long way toward developing repeat business. How many times have you said “Thank you” and got a “No problem” in return? Basic manners are degrading, but there is still an expectation to provide them. If you do that and communicate your gratefulness for business to your customers, they’ll want to do business with you when they need their carpets cleaned.

8. Offer Commissions For Upsells
Your staff are a great revenue generator, but you’ve got to motivate them to upsell. If they get paid the same whether your customer buys $99 worth of services or $499, there’s not motivation. They’ll pick the easiest course of action! With commissions or other incentives for upsells, you’ll help create a foundation of personal investment.

9. Offer Demonstrations
People like to clean their own carpets, so why not show them how they could maintain their carpets on their own? This will provide households with practical value that they can use and they’ll have your brand to thank for that! When they need a deep cleaning service, you’ll then become the first name that comes to mind because you were willing to provide something to them for free.

10. Consider Text Campaigns
Some SMS text campaigns have a 99% open rate, which means your detailed offer will have a good chance of being seen by a prospect. If you can provide a good value through this campaign with exclusive discounts, you’ll have people willingly give you their cell number for these discounts. You can further encourage sign-ups by offering even more value, like free carpet cleaning for a room or two for a select customer on the list.

11. Look At Alternative Advertising
Get your message out to your community in a way that they’ll see by utilizing the right resources at the right time. 97% of people, for example, use a search engine to find contact information for a local business. What makes more sense as an investment then? A large advertisement in the Yellow Pages? Or a fully maximized website that will put you at the very top of those search engine results?

12. Offer Referral Incentives
our customers are your most powerful marketing resource if you can tap into the power of good word of mouth advertising. Offer incentives for customers to refer business to you and you’ll likely see your business expand quickly.

13. Buy Tables at Shows and Markets
Build your prospect list up fast by having space at a flea market or other local show. You can offer special discounts to people you meet at the show, but don’t be aggressive. Try to set up estimates instead of booking appointments so that you can emphasize the bargain aspect of the carpet cleaning service you represent.

Bonus Tip: Every networking group you join is a chance to extend your brand. Be active, provide a mutually beneficial result, and you’ll soon have referrals coming your way.

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