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Review of the Hungry Howies Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? With over 40 years of pizza experience, Hungry Howie’s has consistently been one of the top pizza franchises in the United States. Part of the secret to this organization’s success is the flavored crust, which provides customers with a variation on a traditional product they can get from other locations. The first franchise was opened in 1983 and there are now almost 600 stores in 20 states with plenty of opportunities available in your local community.

Are you looking to invest into the pizza industry? If you qualify as a franchisee, you may find that this pizza opportunity is simply too good to pass up. Let’s take a look below to see if it would be something you’d like to do!

What Are the Initial Startup Fees and Costs?

The first screening that takes place on new potential franchisees for Hungry Howie’s is a good credit history. You must have a positive credit outlook in order to qualify and will be rejected if you do not have established credit or several poor credit markers on your profile. If your credit history is positive, then you’ll need to prove that you have $300k in net worth, with $100k in liquid assets. Once your financial history is proven, you’ll be invited to fully apply and a $25k franchise fee will apply.

Hungry Howie’s expects that a minimum investment of $228k will be required to get your new franchise to its grand opening. This figure may reach $402k depending on your unique location and circumstances, such as owning the real estate for your new franchise instead of leasing it. The term of your franchise agreement is 10 years and it is fully renewable. There is third party financing available for all of the costs and fees that you face in opening a new franchise and this organization will work with you to secure that funding.

The one thing to note with this franchise is that absentee ownership is not allowed and there are no exceptions that apply. All franchisees must be owner-operators and it is part of the franchise agreement that you sign with Hungry Howie’s. You’ll also have an ongoing 5% royalty that must be paid through your gross sales.

If you are a qualifying veteran, you’ll receive a 50% discount off of the initial franchise fee. Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked Hungry Howie’s as the third best pizza franchise opportunity and it is consistently one of the Top 100 overall franchise opportunities in the US every year.

What Kind of Support Do Franchisees Receive?

If you decide to make the investment into a Hungry Howie’s franchise, then you’ll receive four full weeks of training to learn what gives this organization a competitive edge. Most of the locations for this organization are located throughout the southern United States and up the East Coast, but there are opportunities throughout the country to start a new franchise.

As your franchise begins to take shape, you’ll also become part of the Hungry Howie’s wheel of success. It starts with the real estate that is chosen for your location and involves construction, marketing, ongoing training, and field support for your new location. Stability and innovation are hallmarks of this organization and that’s because pizza is one of the most popular foods that people want every day. How much pizza is eaten? 350 slices every second.

To further encourage pizza consumption, this organization will help you through co-op advertising opportunities in your local community. You’ll have help with your grand opening to make sure things get off the ground, receive ad slicks, and have regional and national advertising campaigns supporting your business efforts as well. Regional seminars are regularly held to make sure that quality standards are being met to a consistent standard as well.

Security, inspection, safety, and field operations will all be evaluated to ensure that standards are being consistently met. Feedback is regularly provided by this franchise because their success is based off of your success! This might unnerve some franchisees, but the goal is not to be judgmental about how you operate your franchise. It is simply to help you maximize the profitability of your franchise fully.

Why Choose This Franchise Over Other Opportunities?

The reality of the pizza market and why Hungry Howie’s makes for a good investment opportunity is the fact that the pizza industry in the US alone is worth a minimum of $36 billion per year. That’s with 3 billion pizzas being sold and nearly 50 slices of pizza eaten by the average American every year. What you’ll get as a franchisee is a competitive edge thanks to the innovative recipes that are in-house with this franchise.

Instead of putting spices and flavorings just on top of the pizza, the Hungry Howie’s model of pizza puts the seasonings on the edge of the crust. There are a wide variety of options for customers to choose from as well, including garlic herb, sesame, ranch, or even cajun. The difference is a competitive edge where the pizza tastes as good on the last bite as it did on the first bite too. They call it their “crustomization” process!

The foundation for success in this franchise opportunity comes from their strong infrastructure. Even though Hungry Howie’s is encouraging a rapid growth campaign and is looking for multiple unit owners, there are still tremendous profit-making opportunities that can be had. You can, for instance, invest into specific territories and receive brand protection, something that other franchises just don’t offer.

International opportunities don’t currently exist and there are limitations to the Michigan and Florida markets because of company-owned franchises, but that is really the only limits to what you can do. If you love making and eating great pizza and can meet the credit and financial requirements of this franchise, then investing into it makes sense. The process begins online and from there a representative will contact you for more detailed information. Apply today!

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