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Top 3 Scout Fundraising Ideas

Boy scouts will want to raise money for a variety of events. From raising money for local outings to raising money for the environment, there are a lot of options open to a boy scout. The goal is to use the skills taught during training to be able to make fundraising both fun and educational.

Scout fundraising ideas include the following.

Carving Contest

Old scouts may be able to carve intricate items depending on how long they have been in training. If there is one thing that consumers miss, it is the quality craftsmanship of fine carved wood. Unfortunately, this is a dying trade and one in which boy scouts can do very well.

Carving contests are a great way to bring in donations and will be able to be done in two ways.

Admission Fee: The initial admission fee should be charged for anyone that wants to attend the contest. This fee will allow people to participate in the carving and there may even be a small fee introduced for any spectators that want to view the contest.

Item Sales: An auction should be held after the actual contest wherein all of the carved items can be sold. An auction works best as it is a great way for prices to rise far beyond what they would normally. Simply place all of the items carved during the contest up for sale for any spectators to buy. Items that do not sell can be placed online for sale.

The contest is not just a great way to raise money. Contests also allow for promotion of the scouts and the immense skills that they learn over the course of their training.

If the contest is expected to bring a lot of attendees, you can further boost donations by:
• Selling foods or drinks during the event.
• Have a clear and easy way for people to donate.
• Promote the event online and have online live streaming with donations available.
• Sell merchandise or cookies.

The best part is that you can sell a variety of items that attendees are guaranteed to buy. Everyone will walk away with something.

Since carving is going to be the main event, there is also the option of selling carving-related items. This can be a carving kit wherein a person has everything that they need to be able to carve to their heart’s delight. There can also be books or instructional videos sold that will teach people how they can begin carving.

Knot Tying Lessons

Sometimes, the basics are what really matter to people. Most people do not know the first thing about the art of knot tying and will find that they only know how to make a basic knot. Believe it or not, many people want to become masters of knot tying and will go to great lengths to learn the ropes.

Scouts will know how to tie a variety of knots and can help adults and kids alike learn which knots are best for certain applications and how to actually tie the respective knots.

Lessons can be sold for top dollar and will be a great way to actually bring in donations. If you are having trouble getting started, you can draw in potential customers by:

• Holding a demonstration where people can come and watch as the scouts tie a variety of knots. This is the ideal choice because it actually shows the skillset of the group and how they are the masters of knot typing.
• Once the demonstration is done, you can announce immediate lessons as well as pass out fliers with future lessons that will take place. Oftentimes, the initial demonstration is enough to bring in a lot of clients.

Fishing Trip

If a boat can be donated or there is an easy fishing area in town, scouts can sell the art of fishing to others. This is done by allowing others to participate in fishing events that will be monitored by the scouts themselves.

This should be done as a full package where the scouts will:
• Train their customers on the basics of fishing and how to properly fish.
• Teach attendees about different kinds of bait and which is best to use.
• Teach attendees about common fish in the area and which fish are safe to eat.

A fishing trip is a great idea because it practically sells itself. The outing will be a great way for parents to get kids out of the house and there will always be a large attendance seen.

If scouts want, they can also provide food within the admission fee or, when possible, they can cook up any fish caught.

Scout fundraising ideas are limitless. The best option for any scout is to work with what they know best. This can be training people on which plants are edible or something as complex as knot tying.

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