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Review of the Flame Broiler Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Are you looking to get involved in the restaurant industry because you love serving healthy food at reasonable prices? Do you love the social aspect of food and how it allows you to network with people throughout your community? If you do and you are inspired by Asian cuisine, then you’re going to love how the Flame Broiler will make you feel. This franchise offers low calorie, yet filling and flavorful meals using traditional recipes to make a deep impact within the community.

Adopting This Franchise Means Adopting the Franchise Philosophy

Serve others as you would serve yourself. It’s a message that is printed on all of the cups that you’ll find at The Flame Broiler. The idea is that by serving the food in the way you are, you’re not going to harm anyone. If you ask the founder and president of this organization, Young R Lee, that means everyone. There are more than 140 operating franchises right now, each one filled with owners, operators, and employees every day in addition to the customers that frequent this fast-growing restaurant. The ethos of serving others to the best extent possible is the very core of what it takes to successfully operate this franchise.

So what caused Lee to want to open up a business where the focus is on serving others? Part of it comes from his spiritual background, but there’s also a lot that can be credited to the riots that engulfed Los Angeles two decades ago. As Lee tells the story, he was sitting at home, watching the news on the television in Koreatown and noticed something unique. As the rioters would destroy businesses and empty out stores, there were a few places where the customers of the business would protect the shop because they needed that store. That’s what Lee wanted to provide and that’s why he decided to open up his first restaurant, which began in 1995 with a location in Fullerton, CA.

Inspiring people in such a way doesn’t have to involve complicated recipes or a massive menu list. That’s what makes The Flame Broiler such a successful franchise opportunity! There are lower overhead costs and more opportunities to perfect flavors, which is what will drive customers back to a restaurant time and time again, especially when fair prices are involved! Those fair prices are seen across the board with this franchise, including in the franchise fees and startup costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Flame Broiler Franchise?

The Flame Broiler is one of the most affordable restaurants you can start in the United States today. This is because their menu items are simple and concise, allowing you to focus on providing fresh, quality ingredients that can be made quickly. It is one of the Top 50 franchises for minorities and receives regular awards for the fact that it is such a healthy alternative to fast food, yet comes out just as fast as a hamburger would when ordered.

The initial franchise fee for this organization is $25k. This is a per location fee, so it applies no matter how many units you’re considering starting up with your initial investment. You can expect a minimum of a $200k total investment to make sure that your new franchise has its grand opening on time as well. In return for the franchise fee, you’ll receive:

• A comprehensive 4 weeks of training that will help you replicate the recipes that you’ll be providing your community and be able to effectively manage your restaurant from the front and the back.
• A complete operations manual that provides your new franchise with the best practices that have been developed over time by The Flame Broiler.
• Continuing support from the primary corporate office so that you can always be running at peak efficiencies to maximize your franchise’s profitability.

Franchise opportunities are available in most states and regions within the United States, although not every state is available. Focus areas for this franchise include the Midwest, the South, and the Southeast. Hitting the key indicators of being MSG free, having no dairy in the menu, no added fat through animal skin, and no trans-fats, you’ll simply provide people with a beef or chicken bowl that is always a one-of-a-kind dish with absolutely no frying involved.

The Secret Is In the Magic Sauce

If there’s one thing that will drive customer demand, it’s authenticity. People will pay a little bit more for a taste of an authentic recipe instead of a cheap, freeze-dried ingredient that is thawed out seconds before it’s quickly grilled and then given to you. For The Flame Broiler, the magic sauce that makes the dishes so popular came from Lee’s own kitchen with the help of his wife. Add in the beef or chicken, white or brown rice, and steamed vegetables and you’ve got a winning combination!

What makes The Flame Broiler unique is that they publish their calorie counts on all of their marketing materials. From coupons to the ad slicks that will help to promote your franchise, people will know right away that they’re getting a healthy option. Most bowls that your new franchise will offer are less than 600 calories each.

Even though the organization considers itself a Christian organization, that doesn’t mean a new franchisee must share a similar set of beliefs. The emphasis is on service, sharing, and caring. It’s not about showing off to tell others how good The Flame Broiler is as an organization – it’s about be happy about providing a quality experience to someone else for the sake of doing it.

If that’s something you’d like to take part in yourself, then be sure to fill in the online application to get started on the process as soon as you can so that you can provide your community with a healthy alternative to fast food. Simple ingredients, simple menus, but complicated flavors could bring your portfolio intense profits!

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