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Lovesac Competitors that are Making Waves

Lovesac is the fastest growing furniture retailer in the United States for one specific reason: they do a great job of combining a high quality product for a very affordable price. Featuring innovative products like the “sactional,” which can be taken apart to make virtually any design of couch, loveseat, or sectional sitting piece you can imagine, the covers on the furniture are fully machine washable. This means you can quickly change the look of your furniture too without spending a fortune on new upholstery or just new products.

Foof – https://www.thefoofstore.com/

What makes Lovesac comfortable is the shredded dura foam that comprises the interiors of much of its furniture. Foof makes a very similar product, but instead of using dura foam they use shredded urethane foam. A liner can be included to protect your new furniture against the spills and pet stains that are bound to happen at some point as well. Best of all, a Foof product is about half the cost of a similar Lovesac product.

Foof Store

Fombag – https://www.fombag.com/

With Fombag, you’ll get the chance for product samples and a similar warranty on your product to what Lovesac offers. All of the bags from Fombag come with a standard liner and the covers are all machine washable as well. You can order up to 5 samples at one time to determine if your new Fombag will work with your interior design and sizes are available up to 8 feet in length. You won’t get the customization that you can with Lovesac, but you will save some cash. The MSRP of a Fombag is 40% less than a Lovesac.


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