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Review of the Dogtopia Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

The pet care industry is booming from a retail standpoint in North America. Dog owners in particular are becoming hesitant to leave their best friends at home during the workday and would rather let their dogs play with other dogs while at the job. There’s also grooming needs, nail trimming needs, boarding for an extended trip, and access to specific pet supplies that make owning a dog not only possible, but enjoyable.

By owning a Dogtopia franchise, you’ll be joining a Top 500 franchise opportunity that puts the sole focus on humanity’s best friend. With opportunities in all 50 states and throughout Canada, there is a good chance that you’ve got an opportunity nearby that will help you take advantage of the amazing opportunities that come when you get to work with dogs every day. With 29 franchises operational in 12 states right now and another dozen new franchises currently in development, this is a ground floor opportunity to establish a needed business that can help dogs and their owners in your local area.

What Are the Initial Costs of a Dogtopia Franchise?

If you’re interesting in a Dogtopia franchise, then you should know that the initial franchise fee is $42,500. Once your business is established and operational, a 7% weekly royalty of your gross sales is required to maintain your use of the Dogtopia logo and the organization’s distinctive system to generate customer interest. A weekly maximum 2% royalty gives you access to regional and national advertising opportunities, as well as ongoing counseling to make sure that your new franchise can reach its maximum potential.

The fees and royalties also help you take advantage of the thousands of hours of research that Dogtopia put into the design of their retail concept. As you begin to scout locations for your franchise and get your business headed toward its grand opening, you’ll benefit from Dogtopia’s efforts to study over 500 doggy daycare locations so that the best setup possible can be had. You’ll also receive:

• a comprehensive demographic research report so you can better understand your customer base.
• lease negotiation support if you don’t plan on owning your real estate.
• an extensive list of the best practices and cost-effective measures during the building and operating process that you should implement.
• recommendations of professional general contractors that work within your area and have a good reputation.
• layout and design guidelines to maximize traffic flow while also giving dogs the chance to play during every visit to your location.

If you are a veteran, you may wish to consider becoming a member of VetFran. Not only can VetFran help you win start-up capital for a new Dogtopia franchise or help you secure third-party assistance for some of the initial fees, but the organization itself offers VetFran members a 10% discount, or $4,250, off of the initial franchise fee that is required.

Are There Any Financial Requirements That Must Be Met?

Dogtopia franchisees must be able to prove a net worth of at least $400,000. Out of that net worth amount, there must be a minimum of $150,000 available in liquid cash assets at any given time. Because of the costs of starting up and building out, it is very feasible that the total investment before a grand opening could be at least $250,000. The largest start-up cost listed for Dogtopia franchises was $478,000.

To help make sure that you get your new franchise off on the right foot and to take the greatest advantage of the unique concept that Dogtopia has created, you’ll receive up to 4 weeks of training at Dogtopia’s headquarters. Once completed, you’ll also receive another 5 days of training at your new franchise location so that you can go through the particulars of what to expect when customers and their dogs come walking through your front door. The franchise term is variable, but it is fully renewable upon expiration.

Are You the Right Fit For a Dogtopia Franchise?

Dogtopia is very concerned about making sure like-minded franchisees are working with the organization. Upon your initial application, you’ll receive a telephone interview from Dogtopia that emphasizes your motivation and passion for dogs and the franchise itself. The organization emphasizes that anyone from any walk of life can own a franchise if they meet the financial requirements, but there must also be community involvement and the proven ability to network displayed in order for a franchise to be awarded.

Why is the process so strict? In order to properly grow a business, there must be like-minded people working together in a team environment to accomplish specific goals. When the first Dogtopia location grossed over $1 million in just its second year of operation, CEO Amy Nichols knew that it was time to expand the concept. To make sure that each franchisee has this same opportunity, strict guidelines are in place throughout the franchising process to make sure that nothing negative creeps into the organization’s reputation.

The controls might be tight, but the franchisees are finding high levels of success thanks to these tight controls. If that’s what you’d like to see as a franchisee, then Dogtopia should be a strong consideration for your next franchise.

Is a Dogtopia Franchise Right For You?

With a proven business model and high levels of revenue possible, the Dogtopia brand might be growing slowly, but it is a fresh perspective on the doggy daycare business model. If you have a passion for dogs and want to help pet owners be able to better care for their best friend’s in a safe and inviting environment, then this could be the opportunity you’ve been wanting if you meeting the financial requirements, can multi-task, and work hard at being a team player.

There is a lot of potential with the Dogtopia brand. This is your chance to get involved with something great! Consider applying today to see if you have what it takes to become a franchisee too!

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