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Top 9 Golf Tournament Fundraiser Ideas

Golf tournaments are able to raise a lot of money with just a one day event. When a fundraiser is ongoing, it is essential that the committee understands how to attract the most donations possible. While it is possible for attendees to pay an entry fee, this is simply not the best way to monetize a fundraiser.

Golf tournament fundraiser ideas have to be bold and smartly put together to ensure that the fundraiser is able to make money for your cause.


Hosting a golfing marathon is exciting and profitable. These marathons will go on all day long and go game after game. The idea is that donators will have more time to come to the event and donate.

If done correctly, there will be numerous ways to collect donations from entrance fees to concession stands.


Did you know that your tournament can include sponsorships? This is a way to bring in businesses that will pay for the right to sponsor the event or golfer. These packages will include promotional avenues for a business as well as other incentives and should come in the form of tiers.

Sponsorship programs tend to work great because businesses are right in front of their consumers. From local banks to pizza shops, businesses of all kinds can drum up business with ease thanks to these sponsorship possibilities.

Sell Merchandise

If people are coming to your tournament, they will obviously be golf fans. This is a great opportunity to sell golf merchandise to attendees for a substantial markup in price. This is the same way that concerts can sell t-shirts for well above their retail value.

Everything from clubs to balls and apparel can be sold at a tournament. These items, if signed by players, will sell for far more money.

There is also the option of allowing a local store to sell the items at your event. The goal is to work out a commission-based agreement wherein you receive a portion of all sales. This reduces costs and doesn’t cost you a dime in the process.


Large golf tournaments have auctions wherein people can place bids on merchandise. This is a great way to be able to sell items that may be signed by professionals, or items that may have been donated. Auctions are easy to put together and having an online counterpart works well.

This allows those that have not been able to attend your event the option of being able to participate in your cause.

Dinner with the Players

Those that attend these events are often interested in having dinner with the players. This can be setup with players and the turnout is always great. The idea is that people will pay to have dinner with players and they will pay well. It is not unacceptable to ask for a $20 donation just to join these dinners.

If players are willing, there can even be player-specific dinners that can be purchased. These dinners allow any fans to have a way to finally get to have a special night with their favorite player and learn how they got into the game.

Paid Lessons

Before or after the event, some of the participants can teach attendees how to play the game of golf. This is usually done with minor lessons wherein the players show the donating attendees how to hold a putter, what putters to use and form basics. In fact, these lessons can be set for beginners or they can be all the way to advanced lessons.

If you happen to be a player, you can hold a weekly training sessions with donators that will not have an issue at all with paying for lessons.

Raffle Packages

There are raffles that can take place that will be able to bring in several hundreds of dollars quickly. These raffles are simple and can include anything from clothing to putters and golf balls. Ensure that tickets are priced perfectly and that the items included will have their basic costs covered.

Split-the-Proceeds Contests

Holding a golf contest is of the utmost importance if you need to raise money. The idea is that you will have participants pay an entrance fee and all of the money collected will be split among the fundraiser and the ultimate winner.

The winner will almost always donate the money right back to the cause. These contests are always a big hit and will cause many attendees to show up that would otherwise have skipped out on the event.

Mini-golf Station

While the adults are able to play on the course, parents can alternatively bring their kids to a mini-golf station. This is a station wherein a person will have to pay for a small round of golf for their kids. This will definitely complement the fundraiser and do so in a fun and exciting way.

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