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Review of the Bow Wow Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but dogs love children and women equally. Unfortunately for our best friends, the demands of a modern lifestyle require longer hours to be worked, less interaction with them, and this creates anxiety within the dog that can lead them into destructive choices. Rather than leaving a dog home by itself all day to its own devices, or worse – having a dog locked in a closet, kennel, or run – daycare for our best friends is becoming a hot commodity.

One of the hottest franchise opportunities right now comes from this field. The Camp Bow Wow franchise is North America’s largest and fastest growing pet care franchise and its easy to see why. Dogs get to play all day both indoors and outdoors in big play yards. Trained counselors make sure your dog stays safe throughout the day. Best of all, webcams allow the humans that these dogs own the chance to check in within them whenever they want during the day.

Does your community have a pet care option that provides all of these benefits and even more? If not, then considering a Bow Wow franchise opportunity could be a great business decision.

What Are the Requirements to Join Camp Bow Wow?

First and foremost, the Camp Bow Wow team is looking for franchisees that love animals. They believe that you must have a passion for what you do and that passion will then shine through in the outcomes you achieve every day. Although they will consider applicants that have extensive business experience, if you don’t have a love for dogs, then the Bow Wow team might not be the right investment opportunity for you.

The initial franchise fee for the Camp Bow Wow name is $50,000. To be considered a viable candidate to become a franchisee, a minimum net worth of $500,000 must be documented. Franchisees must also have a minimum of $150,000 in cash liquidity in order to be considered a candidate. All in all, the estimation to get a new Camp Bow Wow off the ground is estimated to be about $550,000. Here’s how the costs break down:

• $240,000 in construction costs.
• $126,000 in furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
• $100,000 in miscellaneous soft costs.
• $50,000 franchise fee.
• $34,000 in working capital.

Why Choose Camp Bow Wow as a Franchise Opportunity?

If you love dogs, then obviously the chance to be around them every day brings about a lot of benefits in itself! What a Camp Bow Wow franchise can offer, however, is six unique income streams that come from the care of everyone’s best friend and not many businesses can offer that kind of opportunity. For example:

Some dog breeds require extensive grooming for the coat to stay free of tangles and look its best. Not every owner can provide that amount of care, and because many of today’s popular breeds require extensive grooming, there’s a good chance you’ll establish an immediate revenue generator.

In-home pet care
Even though a dog might have enjoy time with humans, that’s no guarantee that the dog likes other dogs. By providing in-home care, even the most anti-social of dogs can get the chance to have some extra love thrown their way.

Dog training opportunities
Even the friendliest of dogs needs to learn how to listen, to walk properly on a leash, and make sure they communicate when it’s time to go outside to do their business! Not only does on-location training give dog owners the chance to improve behaviors, it also brings them into your store.

Selling specific products to help care for everyone’s best friends and deepen the bond between human and dog will always bring in revenue.

This is in addition to the daycare opportunities and overnight dog boarding that a Camp Bow Wow location will provide. And, given the experience that has developed with the brand in over 100 franchise locations, there’s a good chance you could save upwards of $45,000 on your initial start-up costs with their relevant advice.

Camp Bow Wow Has Over 500 Territories Open Right Now

The best reason to open up a Camp Bow Wow franchise, however, is the fact that you have a guarantee that you won’t be competing against other franchisees. You are given a local territory where you become the primary caregiver for this brand. As of this writing, population centers like Seattle and Portland don’t have a single franchise yet! Even though there is a presence in 34 states and provinces in North America, many of these states and provinces have just one Camp Bow Wow location.

The average dog owner spends almost $1,500 per year on their pet. Now imagine how much they might spend if they could take their best friends to an exclusive dog location where they could play with other dogs in a safe, supervised environment. Best of all, owning a franchise that caters to a community’s needs and doing so in a loving way provides immediate positive word-of-mouth advertising that will help you grow and thrive!

Dogs are often considered the four-legged furry children of their owners. This makes them family! Taking care of a family member is an important job, so dog owners are going to be attracted to an innovative, clean, supportive environment that will love their four-legged children as much as they do. First impressions in this industry matter a lot and that’s what Camp Bow Wow relies upon to further their business model.

Is This the Right Business Opportunity For You?

If you love dogs and have the finances to back up this franchising opportunity, then there are a lot of open territories available right now that could help you turn your passion into profitability. Each interested party is interviewed by Camp Bow Wow with the goal of creating a loving place for each dog to be able to have their bones and eat them too! There may not be a more rewarding franchise opportunity available right now, so why not give it a look for yourself today?

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