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9 Awesome Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleaders

Fundraising is an important part of any cheerleading squad. The cost of uniforms, camps and competitions can add up quickly. Although it may seem like a daunting task, there are many fundraising ideas for cheerleaders that can help you raise money throughout the year. Some are simple and inexpensive, while others are a bit more involved. Below are some ideas to give you inspiration.

1. Pancake Breakfast

Hosting a pancake breakfast is a great way to raise money. The best way to go about this is to get in touch with a local restaurant that would be willing to host the event. You send them more customers and they donate a portion of the proceeds to your squad. The girls on the squad could also help out by serving food to customers. Advertising and promotion are essential with this type of event.

2. Calendars

Calendars are a fun way to raise money. First, you will need to meet with a local printing company, preferably one that will offer a great price. Create forms that communicate the prices for ads that will be placed throughout the calendar. Ads may be business card size, ½ page, ¾ page or the entire page. Each squad member should be responsible for selling a certain amount of ads (e.g. $250 worth of ad space). Once you have the ads taken care of, you can then hire someone to take photos for your calendar. One photo needs to be taken for each month, but it’s always a good idea to take more just in case some do not turn out well. Once the calendars are printed, you can start selling them. Many squads have the best success when selling their calendars during the holidays or at basketball games.

3. Selling Concessions

Selling concessions is another great way to raise money for your squad. This can be done at local sporting events, or you can work with larger arenas to sell concessions at big events. There is the potential to raise thousands of dollars with this method.

4. Sport Tournaments

Host a basketball tournament. This can be a full-fledged game, or you can have something simple like a shootout. Charge participants a fee to enter and charge guests an admission fee. This can easily raise a large amount of money in a short amount of time. You can also organize a door prize or raffle to attract more guests. This also allows you to charge a fee for the raffle ticket. Try to get businesses in the community to donate prizes. Aside from raffles, you can also sell concessions.

5. Cheer Cans

Cheer cans are a tried and true way to raise money. Have each member of your squad decorate a coffee can. Use construction paper, pipe cleaners, stickers and glitter to create fun and unique designs. The brighter and more unique the can is, the more attention it will get. Once all the cans are decorated, each girl will be in charge of placing their can in a local convenience store, gas station, etc.

6. Gift Basket Auction

Have each member of your squad create a gift basket. Each basket should have a theme of some kind. For example, you may have the girls make chocolate gift baskets. These baskets can then be auctioned off. It is not uncommon for the baskets to sell for $30 to $50 each. This is a quick way to raise money for your team.

7. Cookbooks

This is a unique way to raise money for your squad. Gather up recipes from each girl’s family. Collect these recipes, make copies and create a cookbook. You can sell the book for $6 to $10 each. A book of personal recipes is sure to attract sales.

8. Cheer Basket

Cheer baskets are great ways to raise money and are a lot of fun to put together. Have each member of your squad either purchase or ask for donations to go inside of the basket. Try to get as many items as you can. These can be figurines, t-shirts, license plates, magnets, stuffed animals, etc. These items should be related to your school’s mascot. Place all of the items in a big basket and present it nicely. Once your basket is complete, you can hold a raffle and charge a fee for each ticket.

9. Garage Sales

Garage sales are a simple and easy way to raise money. Have each squad member gather items they no longer want or need to sell at a garage or yard sale. All of the proceeds can be given to the squad. Depending on the items you collect for the sale, there is the potential to raise a lot of money. In addition to the items you sell, you can also sell sodas, cookies, etc. You can also ask friends and neighbors to donate items to the sale.

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