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Reasons B2B Companies Should Market their Business on Facebook

Reasons B2B Companies Should Market their Business on Facebook

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LinkedIn vs. Facebook on B2B Marketing

If you are preforming B2B Marketing on social media platforms, it is widely believed that the best place to spend your time is on LinkedIn. What if Facebook could offer competitive opportunities? Here is a look at how LinkedIn pairs up against Facebook on B2B marketing opportunity.


Top level executives are known to primarily use LinkedIn for industry network and promoting their business. Middle management can also be seen floating around LinkedIn to keep in touch with other people and network within their industry. Entry level employees primarily focus their own efforts on job searches and co-worker networking.

Overall, the top activities on LinkedIn for all levels of its users are to perform industry networking, keep in touch, and co-worker networking. As a social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn seems to be sticking to its brand promise.


Facebook as a social media platform has its users focused primarily on updating their own status, commenting on others posts or statuses, commenting on other users photos, or liking their content. 10% of the time is sent on private messages.

Differences in Usage

When on Facebook, users do not shut down their business thinking. Statistically, people spend more time on Facebook overall with business decision makers typically being older and twice as many available on Facebook.

• 55 million users on LinkedIn compared to Facebook’s 155 million users.
• 326 million minutes are spent monthly on LinkedIn compared to 53.5 billion minutes spent on Facebook.
• 22.5 million LinkedIn users in the U.S are age 35+.
• 51 million Facebook users in the U.S. are 35-64.

Reason to Consider Facebook

B2B companies need to market on Facebook for multiple reasons. 41% of B2B companies that use Facebook for marketing have acquired a customer on there. 93% of businesses believe all companies should have a form of social media presence. 85% of business buyers believe companies should not just present information via social media, but interact and engage with them.

The top reason for companies to use social media is:
• Thought leadership
• Lead generation
• Feedback
• Advertising

Increasing your visibility on Facebook is equivalent for paying for a halftime commercial during the Super Bowl where 11 million viewers tune in. However, through social media channels, a wider audience is available and for longer than the 45 seconds allowed during a commercial. You get to directly engage the user and continually extend your reach.

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