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Pinterest User Age Demographics

Pinterest User Age Demographics

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is known as a common term referencing the popular site that acts as your very own virtual pinboard. Users of Pinterest are able to organize and share images from around the web, browse through other users boards, and connect with other people about things they find interesting.

Pin Etiquette

The first rule of pin etiquette is to be nice. Credit your sources when appropriate and give Pinterest feedback on how they can improve. Do not self-promote and be sure to report objectionable content.

User Demographics

80% of Pinterest users are female and 20% male.
• 0-17yrs old – 5%
• 18-24yrs old – 17%
• 25-34yrs old – 30%
• 35-44yrs old – 25%
• 45-54yrs old – 10%
• 55-64yrs old – 5%
• 65+ yrs old – 2%

History of Pinterest

Pinterest was launched in March of 2010 and has grown exponentially since then. By 2011, Pinterest reached 1.2 million users and in four months grew to 7.2 million users. It is the 24th most popular website in the U.S and has grown from 10 million total visitors to 17 million since the start of 2012. They are ranked number 9 in the U.S. on the Hitwise Social Networking & Forums category while Google Plus is ranked #10.

Pinterest’s iPhone app is named to Time Magazine’s “Top 50 Websites of 2011” and won the Crunchie award for “Best New Startup of 2011.”

Pinterest Slang

Here is a listing of common slang terms associated with Pinterest users.
Pin – An image added to Pinterest.
Repin – Sharing a Pin with the user’s followers
Board – A set of pins usually organized by themes (travel, fashion, etc).
Pin it Button – Grabs an image from a website and adds it to one of your pinboards.

Pinterest’s Global Community

A listing of the top 5 countries and percentages of Pinterest users.
• USA – 68.6%
• Canada – 3.3%
• United Kingdom – 2.9%
• Japan – 2.4%
• Italy – 2.2%

Referral Traffic

The primary referral source for Pinterest is Facebook. StumbleUpon and Pinterest itself act as the second largest source. Google and Twitter follow as the next in time for main referral sources to Pinterest.

Using Pinterest

Open an Account – You can request an account at pinterest.com

How to Follow – You can see which of your friends are on Pinterest and link to your Facebook and Twitter account. Who you follow will impact what appears on your homepage.

Browser Bookmark – Pinning images from retail sites allows you to bookmark the image so others can find out more.

Adding Prices or Comments – Add the items price in the description. This will automatically place a banner over the image for easy viewing.

Use the Search Bar – Searching something specific allows you to access limitless ideas for your search request.

Go One Step Deeper – Find new people to follow and more ideas from digging one page deeper.

Work Together – Allow others to contribute to your board. This feature is wonderful for teams or friends planning an event together.

Don’t Forget Videos – If a video link is pinned, the video is embedded inside the pin.

Create a Board – This will allow you to relay a cleared image of what you have in mind by creating a collection of images on your pinboard.

Be Careful – Each page of pins is designed to produce never ending ideas and images for your viewing pleasure.

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