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Quick and Simple SEO Tips for Blogs and Websites

Quick and Simple SEO Tips for Blogs and Websites

Use Advanced Seo Techniques To Increase Your Online Presence

There are over 300 million websites currently being hosted on the cyberspace. This is quite an amazing figure. These websites belong to different niches, and each niche has hundreds of thousands of websites competing for the attention of internet users. Thus, the competition to attract internet users to a website is very fierce: hundreds of thousands of websites in a specific niche struggling to get noticed by web users interested in that particular niche. The website that attracts more people to view its content gets the most traffic.

Many visitors to a website come to the site through search engines. Many people go online to look for information that will solve their problems. These people don’t the actual website where the solution to their problem can be found. So web users make use of the search engines to locate the sites with solution to their problems. Thus, the search engines account for majority of the visitors that are received by websites.


In fact, the competition in the online world is synonymous to that between fierce business rivals striving to grab the lion share of the market. In order for a business to get the better of its of rivals, it needs to come up with strategies that will give it a competitive edge over its rivals. In the online world, advanced SEO techniques can be used by websites to increase their online presence and gets the lion share of the traffic in that particular niche.


Internet users make use of keywords to look for information online. When a person types a specific keyword into a search engine, the engine will crawl the web and bring out contents that are relevant to the keyword typed by the person. Thus, keyword plays a huge role in attracting traffic to a website. Thus, webmasters should thoroughly research keywords and make use of those that can draw people to their websites.

Page Optimization

Page optimization is an important advanced SEO technique that websites can use to increase their online visibility. Internet search engine giants like Google, Bing, etc do not actually rank websites. Rather, these search engines rank the web pages. Since these search engines use web pages to rank a site, page optimization strategies like placing keywords in page title, page headings, body, and meta-description and creating a separate page for different categories of products will increase the page ranking of a website by these search engines.

Link Building

Link building is another fantastic advanced SEO technique to increase the online presence of a website. Link building enables webmasters to link the contents of their sites with other websites. Thus, by linking the contents on their sites with other sites, webmasters can generate an enormous amount of traffic from link building. Link building also allows webmasters to leverage on the power of the social media to attract traffic to their websites. Webmasters can develop link building strategy such as blog guest posting, blog reviews, press releases, digital PR and directory submissions.

These advanced SEO techniques have the potential of increasing visibility of a website. These techniques are aimed at getting a higher page ranking from search engines. A higher page ranking means an increased popularity, increased online presence, and more web visitors.

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