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Google Authorrank Update and Rel Author SEO Tips

Google Authorrank Update and Rel Author SEO Tips

Google Author Rank: How Does It Affects Your SEO

Great writers usually come up with great contents. This is a fact in the traditional publishing world, so great writers are highly valued in the publishing industry. However, in the online world, a different scenario seems to exist. Great contents from talented writers and run-of-the-mill contents from mediocre writers are given the same priority by search engines. Thus, search engines do not make use of the quality of a content when ranking web pages. This explains why low-quality contents find their to the top of the page ranking chart.

Offer Quality Content

With the increased emphasis on content quality, Google is implementing different measures to improve the quality of contents on the web. Google Author Rank is one of the arsenals Google has unleashed on webmasters to force them into producing high-quality web pages on their sites. Since too many low-quality contents are flying all over the cyberspace, Google has felt the time has come to regulate the quality of content it displays on its search engine results. By implementing measures like Google Author Ranking, Google has embarked on a campaign to reduce mediocre contents on the web to the barest minimum.

Ranking System

Google Author Rank will now rank online content creators, just like the search engine ranks web pages. This author’s ranking system makes use of different factors to assess an author. Just like web pages rise and fall in the page ranking chart, author’s ranking will also rise and fall in its corresponding chart. Well, this is good news for talented online writers. Because of this ranking system, they will be much appreciated, just like their counterparts in the traditional publishing industry.

This new ranking methodology designed for authors will evaluate a writer’s reputation, authority, and the impact of his content on the online community. To be ranked by Google, a writer needs to have a Google plus account. Factors such as uniqueness of content, timeliness of content, the quality of backlinks generated by a writer’s content, comments and shares attracted by contents, social sharing of a writer’s Google plus posts, and the writer’s reputation and influence on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter will play a huge in a writer’s position on the Google’s author ranking chart.

SEO Impact

So, what is the implication of Google Author Rank system on the search engine optimization of a website? Well, the implication is enormous on the page ranking of a site. By incorporating the Author Ranking system into its algorithm, the position of a content creator on the author’s rank will seriously affect the page rank of a webpage.

Authors who are high up on the author’s rank will attract high page rank to their contents. With this new algorithm, only high-quality contents written by high-ranking Google authors will get to the first page of a search engine result. Contents written by authors who are ranked low in Google Author Rank will have a low page rank.

Thus, the content creator of a webpage has a huge influence on the page rank of the webpage. Thus, webmasters will now focus on boosting their author’s rank and creating high-quality and unique content for their sites. With the incorporation of Google Author Rank into its search engine algorithm, the key to unlocking the door of the top of page rank chart is high author’s rank and high-quality content.

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