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Positive and Negative Effects of Facebook on Relationships

Positive and Negative Effects of Facebook on Relationships

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How Facebook Affects You and Your Relationships

Facebook is a massive social network that is drastically changing how we interact with each other. Read on to learn exactly how this social media giant can impact your relationships.

Quick Stats

With over 500 million active users, Facebook is by far the biggest social network in the world. From these active users, half of them log in to Facebook at any given time and all together users spend in excess of 700 billion minutes per month on the site.

Mobile access to Facebook is also gaining more popularity. Over 250 million users access the site and services through their mobile devices. These mobile users are on average twice as active as non-mobile users.

Relationships Overview

Women make up a greater percentage of the Facebook user base. From December 2010, women were outnumbering men on Facebook at a rate of 1.28 to 1.

Almost 60% of Facebook users decide to set a relationship status on their profile for others to see. The main relationship statuses used on Facebook include: Single, it’s complicated, in a relationship, engaged and married. Some other relationship statuses include: in a domestic partnership, in a civil union, separated, divorced and widowed.

Health and Personality

According to research done by Claire Suddath, the way users present themselves on Facebook and other social media sites, mirrors how they view themselves in real life.

Whenever someone posts anything on a social network, they have the opportunity to filter out and edit anything that they may see as unflattering or bad about themselves. In essence Facebook allows you to show a more positive version of yourself and in doing so improve your well-being and self-esteem. For many people this can contribute to their happiness in life.

Overuse of Facebook can make you too aware of yourself and self conscious. This could have an overall negative impact on your life and relationships. You might feel pressured to be always funny and entertaining, feel stressed about missing an important update, or worry about reconnecting with people you really want to avoid.

Relationships and Jealousy

Facebook certainly has a direct impact on you personally. But what kind of effect does it have on your relationships? It really can make or break your relationships. Over analyzing posts will lead to reading too much into what someone means and can lead to feeling insecure. On Facebook, declaring your relationship status means putting everything in public, and can become awkward. For example, what if someone updates their relationship, but their partner doesn’t?

Also everything becomes public record. So your partner can see a record of your past relationships, which may not be appreciated. The comments that people make can potentially hit a nerve and cause jealousy in a relationship.

Dealing with Problems

To avoid public heartbreak, the following advice could help:
• Communication is the key to a good relationship. Talk to your partner to discover any problems early on.
• Make changes to your profile page, if something on it is making your partner jealous or uncomfortable.
• Facebook can be a big source of insecurities, so keep growing your relationship every day.
• Keep in mind what you post on Facebook, and get rid of anything that may come back to cause you problems later on.

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