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Best Times to Post Blogs and Best Days to Post Blogs

Best Times to Post Blogs and Best Days to Post Blogs

The Impact of Timing in Your Blog

Many people say that content is king, but when that content is delivered can be as important (if not more so) than what is being posted. Timing truly is everything, and maintaining a successful blog is no exception to this rule.

You need to lean when your audience is checking up on the site, and so figure out when to post updates. This is essential for any blog that hopes to stay relevant and successful.

Read on to learn exactly how timing affects your blog and its level of readership.

The Pros and Cons of Posting Time

Submitting a post during high activity hours you get many more visitors and more comments and reader engagement. The downside is that content can get buried by other posts and get lost in the noise. Also the added noise can increase bounce rates.

During low activity hours a post will be more prominent as there is less noise. Getting front page promotion becomes much easier as well. The cons of lower activity times are fewer site visitors and so fewer comments and engagement from users.

There are of course other factors that need to be considered. The subject of your blog, type of audience and how well established it is, are all important aspects. Due to the various pros and cons, choosing the right time for posting isn’t quite as simple as you would think.

When do Users Read Blogs?

Most users read blogs throughout the day, but the highest percentage of users has been found to be in the morning. The number of readers gradually goes down as it become the afternoon, then evening, and by night you have the least number of users.

Looking at your visitor demographics is also a good idea. On average a higher percentage of men read up on blog posts in the evening and night when compared to women.

Statistics have shown that the average blog gets its most visitors on Monday, and on that they 11 AM is the time with the highest traffic. However, on Saturdays at around 9 AM blogs usually get the highest rate of comments, showing that is when readers are the most engaged.

For the average blog, it gets inbound links the most on Monday and Thursday. Inbound links are mostly likely to occur at 7 AM.

Posting more than once per day has been found to increase the chances of getting more unique views and a greater number of inbound links.


You need to look at your blog statistics and analytics, to measure its performance so far and continuously test and optimize until you get the perfect balance of timing and frequency of posts.

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