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Most Popular Dogs and Cats on Twitter

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Top Twitter Pet Profiles

One in every ten pets has a social media profile. Here is a listing of some of the biggest stars on Twitter.

1. @sockington
With almost 1.5 million followers, this cat was a stray found outside a Boston subway station in 2004 belonging to internet archivist Jason Scott.

2. @BronxZoosCobra
Over 200K followers, this Egyptian cobra snake escaped from the Bronx Zoo, sparking a social media craze.

3. @common_squirrel
Over 85K followers, one word tweets from the mind of a squirrel has been popular enough to draw in almost 100K followers. The identity of the squirrel is unknown.

4. @ChoupettesDiary
This cats profile has been able to draw in almost 20K followers, belonging to Karl Largerfeld,

5. @Romeothecat
This cat has a mission to raise money for charity for animals in need. As a two-time rescue, he has currently raised over 60K for pets and has his own Twitter following of over 16K.

6. @MaggieMay_hem
Belonging to Andy Murray and Kim Sears, these border terriers have created a following of over 15K.

Pet Profile Stats

In a network of over 500 million Twitter users, 400 Billion YouTube views per day, and 955 Million Facebook Users, it has been revealed that 83 Million accounts are fake. 23 Million are considered to be non-human such as animal profiles.

Over 60% of household in the US and almost 50% of the UK have households with pets. This accounts for over 8 Million dogs and 8 Million cats in the UK and almost 80 Million dogs and 86 Million cats in the U.S.

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