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List of WordPress Parameters, Values, and Template Tags

List of WordPress Parameters, Values, and Template Tags

Cheat Sheet to WordPress Theme

A cheat sheet to the four core parameters to a WordPress theme.

Template Pages

Header.php – Displays the document header and navigation menus.
Sidebar.php – Displays widgets.
Footer.php – Displays footer just before closing the body tag.
Index.php – Displays a list of posts in excerpt or full-length form.
Archive.php – Displays the archives for tags, categories, date based posts or author based posts.
Page.php – Displays the page title and content, comments, and metadata associated/
Single.php – Displays the title and content, categories, and post tags.
Comments.php – Displays avatars, threaded comments, trackbacks/pingbacks.
Search.php – Displays a list of posts in excerpt or full length form.


General Tags: general-template.php
Author Tags: author-template.php
Post Thumbnail Tags: post-thumbnail-template.php
Category Tags: category-template.php
Navigation Menu Tags: nav-menu-template.php
Comment Tags: comment-template.php
Post Tags: post-template.php
Link Tags: link-template.php


Get_header(), get_footer(), get_sidebar() all accept a single parameter.
Get_template_part() accepts two parameters.
Get_bloginfo() returns information about the site which can be used elsewhere in the code.


Name: Returns the site title from the blogname record.
Description: Returns the tagline from the blogdescription record.
URL/Home: Returns the site address (URL).
Charset: Returns the encoding for pages and fees.
Version: Returns the WordPress version you use.


Post_author: User ID of the author.
Post_date: In the format yyyy-mm-dd
Post_title: Human readable post title.
Post_excerpt: Content of the excerpt, if one has been explicitly set.
Post_content: Similar to HTML view in editor. No paragraphs or line breaks.

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