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Moms and Mothers Using Social Media Statistics and Trends

Moms and Mothers Using Social Media Statistics and Trends

The Mom Marketing Niche

Modern moms make very good brand ambassadors. Moms tap into a network of other moms, primarily friends and family, to get information on the best products for their children. All of these moms get together for kid play dates and talk about different brands, products and coupons. These mothers rely on this word of mouth network and consult online reviews to decide which products they want.

Social Connected Moms

Mothers tend to be more socially connected than individuals from other groups. Today’s modern moms are out there using social media, reading parenting blogs and tweeting and Facebooking posting about their children. Moms are a huge marketing ally. When mothers like your product and talk to other mothers about it though social media sharing, you are gaining free advertising and strong brand ambassadors.

The Role of Moms Social Sharing

This is particularly helpful to your business because moms place more weight on customer recommendations. This is illustrated by the facts that 68% of moms trust word of mouth and 64% of moms consult online customer reviews. 47% consult a parenting website before making their final purchase decision and 36% read posts from their friends on social media channels.

Getting Moms Engaged

Not only do mothers glean value from customer reviews, they actively engage with your website and its content. Mothers like to voice their opinions on your products, how they work well and how they can improve. Take note of what your customers are saying on your website and social media channels by responding to each mom and improving your content based on their suggestions.

Reading your customer messages can also yield a self-generated promotional email and offers list. Send those customers that liked you on Facebook, Pinned or Retweeted you membership deals and discounts. 33% of moms actively seek out coupon and 62% share positive product experiences. Include these offers in a well-designed weekly promotional newsletter to your customers. 77% of moms register for loyalty program emails and 95% of moms seek out direct digital offers.

Engaging your market, the Mom Marketing Niche, can have a huge positive impact on your sales. Moms are strong brand ambassadors, and they will organically help you increase sales by sharing their positive experiences with your product. Read each and every customer review or comment to conduct optimized marketing research and improve your products to suit your market.

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