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Mobile Jail Break Stats for iPhone, iPad and Android

Mobile Jail Break Stats

Mobile Security: How Many People Today Are Utilizing It?

The presence of mobile security is truly significant because it provides several benefits to people. This is getting more popular in various countries such as China, Japan, India, Brazil, and United States. These places are utilizing high technologies like smartphones to make communication light and easy. They are also free from worries because this mobile security will keep their significant information safe. Due to the presence of this mobile security, they will have the assurance that their phones are fully secured and safe.


Aside from mobile phones, people can use this mobile security in their computer and netbook. They can install this mobile device in these devices with ease. It also carries significant advantages that will get the interest of individuals who still don’t have it. Based on the survey, there are 11.19 percent devices that are jail broken, a process used to change the operating system used to run an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and other smartphones. It is also used in removing the restrictions imposed in a certain gadget.

Jail Breaking Apple

The brand that usually uses jail broken is the Apple. When individuals use this jail broken, they can alter the appearance of their application icons, and the mp3 players. But, when individuals decide to make use of it, they should have the assurance that they can use it without doing mistakes. It is a big problem in their device when they did some mistakes in jail broken because these problems have no solutions. In this case, before utilizing jail, individuals should know first the advantages and disadvantages of it so that they avoid problems in their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.


For the people who are interested in using jail, they can use it when they have the following operating system and devices.

1. Operating System
• Android

2. Models of Devices
• iPad
• iPhone
• iPod Touch
• Android Tablets
• Android Phone

There are many people today whose devices do not have passwords that can help them secure their files. The survey shows that there are 35.54 percent of iPhone, 67.96 percent of iPad, and 51.19 percent of iPod touch owners who didn’t put password in these devices.

It is true that there are 70 million smartphones that are being lost every year. In New York, there are 200 smartphones that are usually lost in a cab while 246 mobile robberies are reported in London. In Australia, every minute 200,000 smartphones are being lost and stolen every year. Most of the people who have lost their phones are trying their best to connect on it. However, some of them didn’t give a time to do it because the people who found their phones cannot use or open it due to the security that they install on it.

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