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List of Most Downloaded Apps for Iphone and Android

List of Most Downloaded Apps for Iphone and Android

The Industry of Apps for Android and Apple

With the rise in the mobile industry, it is no surprise to see an increase in downloaded apps for these devices. Apple’s App Store along has seen 25 billion apps downloaded with 1.5 billion apps downloaded each month for their iOS. Android has seen a total of 10 billion apps downloaded from Android Market and 1 billion apps continually downloaded each month.

These numbers seem large compared to the 600,000 apps that have been published in Apple’s App Store and 500,000 that are published on Android Market. However, 37% of Android apps and 24% of iOS apps are removed for various reasons.

Top 10 Most Popular Apps

Here is a look at the top ten most popular apps found across all platforms.

1. Angry Birds
2. Facebook
3. Skype
4. Angry Birds Rio
5. Google Maps
6. iBooks
7. Angry Birds Seasons
8. Fruit Ninja
9. Talking Tom Cat
10. Twitter

Although these apps show the highest numbers in downloads, 26% of apps are only used once. Some app stores such as Apple’s keeps the download stats for certain apps a secret to save publishers embarrassment. Therefore, there is no way to truly gauge an app’s success if high abandonment rates are present.

Application User Demographics

Here is a look at the most popular applications by age demographic.

Ages 18-24
Pandora Radio
Advanced Task Killer Free
Words with Friends

Ages 25-34
Google Search
Google Maps
The Weather Channel
Adobe Reader

Ages 35-44
Android Market
Angry Birds
Quick Office
Amazon App Store
Yahoo Mail

Top 5 App Category in 30 Day Period

Here is a look at the top 5 popular app categories in a 30 day period.

1. Games
2. Weather
3. Social Networking
4. Maps/Navigation/Search
5. Music

Design over Brand

Users are now choosing the design of the app and style over the brand itself. Majority of users agree that brands should have apps aimed towards increasing interaction, engagement, and functionality for the users. 73% of users expect the mobile app to be easier than the company’s website itself. Because of this demand by users, if a brand app is not useful or help, negative perceptions gained by the user will cause them to avoid future downloads from them.

Users are more prone to download an app based on reviews or recommendations from other users. If a user thinks it is well design, they are more likely to recommend the app based on their positive experience. 32% of users are known to tell others about a bad experience with an app, only further hindering the company’s brand.

The ROI of Design

Having a good design to your app can reduce your end support costs from users. It can ultimately increase revenue and outperform market indices at a 37% growth rate. Approximately 70% of projects fail due to a lack of user acceptance.

By implementing a UX-centered strategy, you can reduce your errors in half and increase usage by a third. As a result of decreased complexities in your design, you will also reduce churn and increase upselling.

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