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List of Marketing Power Words that Sell

List of Marketing Power Words that Sell

The Power of the Written Word

With all the efforts that are taken today to generate traffic to come to a website, post, or social media page, the one thing that is often neglected is the most important thing: the written word. The quality of the post or page that you create will make or break you. How good is it to have two million people visit your website every month if none of your leads convert? If you want people to know that you have value, that your product is worthy of their attention, and there should be a sense of urgency in them obtaining your product or service, nothing is more important than what you write.

How Do You Create a Sense of Urgency?

Language is a funny thing when it comes to the written word because different phrases can mean different things to different people. That’s why it is important to just stick to the basics when you are looking to create a sense of urgency with your marketing efforts. These “power words” as they’re sometimes called encourage people to act quickly in order to take advantage of the tremendous deal that you’re offering. If you act now on this principle, you’ll be able to see quicker and larger conversions… guaranteed!

You Need To Create a Guarantee

Your leads want to know if you’re going to stand behind your product. After all, if you aren’t willing to back up the perceived value of what you’re offering, why should your targets find any value in what you’ve got? When you start using terms like “risk free” or “dependable,” you’re creating the foundation of a guarantee in your product that your targets will find value in having. If you don’t offer any sort of risk free guarantee, however, you’ll still end up losing targets because they’ll feel misled. A simple money back offer if they don’t like your product or service can go a long way to converting more sales.

What Matters Most Is Your Target

The reason why people by products or services is because it provides them a valuable solution to a problem that they can’t resolve themselves. People buy DVDs for the security of having a good movie around whenever they want to watch one. People hire carpet cleaners because there are stains they can’t get out of their carpet by themselves. What solution does your product or service provide your targets? If there is no security or value that solves a problem for people considering what you have, you won’t get sales whatsoever.

How Could Improving Your Sales Language Help You?

A well written piece of marketing content can help convert more customers on a better basis simply because you are establishing a relationship with that target. You are creating a sense of scarcity that will create a sense of urgency within your target. Most importantly, you’ll be addressing what kind of value your product or service is able to provide. In short, a well thought out piece will drive better conversions. A quickly spun piece with no thought to the target reading it will simply drive people away from you… for good.

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