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Latest SEO Techniques, Tips and Strategies

Latest SEO Techniques, Tips and Strategies

Understanding The Google Over Optimization Penalty

The internet has opened up the knowledge bank of the globe. Anybody with access to the internet can make deposit or collection information from the web. Thus, the internet is the major source of information to billions of people in the world. While webmasters are taking advantage of the vast opportunities provided by the internet to get their contents, products, and services out, internet users are equally using the massive opportunities offered by the web to look for information, products, and services that can alleviate their problems.

Search Engine

Search engine is the most powerful medium that connects webmasters and people who go online in search of information. When internet users are in need of information, they usually make use of the search engines to look for the information they want. Thus, it is not a surprising fact that search engines are responsible to majority of website’s traffic. Therefore, many webmasters try to get their web pages as high up as possible by producing contents specifically for search engine spiders, rather than for real people. To get to the top of the ranking chart, webmasters, therefore, sacrifice high-quality contents and produce contents loved by search engine spiders.

Google Penalty

Google, the search engine giant, is trying to put an end to this practice. The Google over optimization penalty was put in place to stop the practice of webmasters writing contents for search engines. The aim of this new regulation by the search engine giant is to force webmasters into producing contents that will very useful and valuable to internet users. Thus, in order to get to the high page ranking for their sites, webmasters have to produce high-quality contents on their sites.

Google has created filters in its algorithm to detect web spamming tactics like keyword stuffing and links to sites with spinned contents that have no valuable information. The page ranking of sites guilty of these web spamming tactics will be downgraded. The Google over optimization penalty makes use of a site’s meta-tags, contents, and links that have abided to this new regulation.

Google will penalize web pages with heavily-keyword oriented meta-tags. Thus, stuffing meta-tags with keywords will lead to the plummeting of a site’s page ranking. Google wants to see natural flowing meta-tag titles and natural sounding descriptions that provide valuable information to readers.


In the online world, content is king. Well, with this new regulation, only original, unique, and compelling contents will be king. This is because only original and unique content will take a site to the top of the page ranking. Contents that are spammed and laden with keywords will not have a positive effect on a website’s Google ranking. Since spammed, spinned, and keyword-laden contents do not increase a site’s ranking, webmasters have no choice than to put out fresh, unique, and original contents if they want their page ranking to go up.

Over Optimization

The new Google over optimization penalty regulation also makes use of links to evaluate a website. The anchor text on a link and the trust and authority factor of the sites where the link is coming from are scrutinized by this new algorithm in ranking websites. Links with different anchor texts and those from high authority websites will lead a higher page ranking.

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